Memberships expiring today

Some of you may have noticed that you can no longer access the Premium section. This is because your Premium membership has expired.

If you purchased a book for $50 on or before February 26th 2013, your 6 month included membership has just expired (unless you’ve already upgraded). More will be expiring every day, but there was a large batch today - because of our policy, that the clock doesn’t start until the book ships. A lot of folks got extra time because of this, but now they’ve all come due at once.

If this comes as a surprise, I do apologize. I have attempted to email everyone well in advance, but some folks didn’t respond. I suspect their spam filters are catching my emails, or in some cases the email address we have on file is rarely checked or no longer valid. This is why I’m posting on the forum as well.

If you’d like to upgrade your membership now (or have other concerns), please contact me. or direct email at driveonwood AT gmail DOT com. If you never receive a response, please check your spam filters!! I try to respond to everyone within 24 hours, usually within an hour. If you still can’t get a reply, please post right here, you’ll get a response very soon.

Of course checks will continue to arrive and I’ll retroactively apply them. Don’t panic if you’ve just sent a check! There’s still time.

I sent mine in last week though pay pal. I though you would have it by now.

Jim, we haven’t received anything yet. I’ve sent you an email.

is there a way we can tell when we’re about to expire?


There really should be, and I apologize that there’s not (I haven’t built it yet). For now it’s easiest to just ask me. I do send out email reminders 1 month ahead and again at 4 days.

For most folks it will be simply 6 months / 1 year from whenever they ordered.

For those early enough to preorder the book (before Feb 26) there was some extra time until the book shipped, and these all have just expired (Aug 26th). 1 year members will expire on Feb 26th of next year (Arvid you fall in this category).

If anyone has forgotten when they ordered or is wondering when it will expire, please feel free to contact me.

Bump. Large wave of deactivations just went through. If you didn’t get a reminder email and suddenly you can’t access the Premium area, please contact me. [email protected] It could be a mistake on our end… or it could have hit your spam folder. Either way, I need to know so I can make things right.