MGS S-80 Sawdust Gasifier Resurrected

Hi Doug
I’m thinking of my Chevy I6 or 350 V8.
I appreciate your point, do you have any contact details for MSG?

From the Missouri wood gasifier, it looks like you use a standard WK gasifier just 4 of the air nozzles extend them 1/3 of the way in to the fire tube and make the grate holes smaller.
Should I shorten the fire tube?


Raymond Rissler
R & R Wood Products
62716 Sawmill Road
California, MO 65018
[email protected]

Raymond has a low usage SV-240 (24" hearth) that can run a 400 CID or so engine. It came back from a client that was trying to use it to run an 800 CID engine despite Raymond’s warning that it likely would not work. It was made for stationary, but will fit in the back of a truck.

Hopefully Raymond will soon have a listing in the DOW classifieds, I will get with him on that.

Raymond likes sawdust because of the quick startup time from torch to good gas, typically a couple of minutes. He is an amazing resource on gasifying old engines, has been doing it since pre-1980. The RD450 was one of his favorites.

He also designed a super slick carb setup to use a single throttle while introducing “gas” under the carb. He used to run a 4 speed Ford 250 CID pickup to St. Louis and back on sawdust.

Image from some old literature…

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Thanks for the update Doug. Raymond also has a web page

I’d love to see a “duster” in action.

“duster” - very good Sir Zinn. Some of the old Dodge Dusters sported 318’s. Wonder how gas works in a slant 6? Who will be the first to fit a “duster” to a Duster?

Thanks for the url to Raymond’s site.

Not just my own biased opinion, Raymond is a true salt of the earth individual with many great works to his credit, and many more in the pipeline. His depth and breadth of practical knowledge, forged through experience, tempered by goodwill, is astounding.

Thanks Doug
Thanks Carl
I will do some more home work.
Thanks Patrick

Hey Folks here is a shameless bump back up into attention on DougB and the gangs work with this S-80 sawdust system.
Here is a follow up video:

Never seen this??
Read from the first above.
Steve Unruh

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Thanks, Chris, this address downloaded. Pepe

Didn’t download, Carl. Pepe

A great reserection. I will have to go back and read more. Up here we have quite a few back yard saw mills so saw dust is plentiful. TomC

Yes it is. How does it run? Is it for emergency use or can it run continiously? Want to know everything about it.

-simple design
-quick start
-plenty of sawdust available
-sawdust is easy to transport if you follow some rules

-Can’t find one


Back in the day I ordered these plan, still might have them. My saw dust is from a circle saw. Some of it is almost like shavings, will that flow? I doubt it. Is Raymond still kicking? Any units for sale?


Last I knew, bout june 2019, Raymond was still going strong. He does have a few years experience on him. He builds gasifiers on order. German craftsmen style. The column depth is such that can reload on the fly.

That is if you don’t let it run low on fuel, you can run continuous by adding more fuel on top and all you see as you add fuel is unburnt fuel. If you let it run too low it will flare big time out the stack when you take the lid off, and the engine will gag a bit.

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That is good news. Contacts above don t seem to work. Any idea?

What about moisture content of the dust. Below 20% is ok? The drier the better or can it be to dry?

Jeff, I am interested if you can find the plans.

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Joep, I’m sure that the plans/manual are identical to the PDF download. The next time I am over there I will see if I have them. It may have been in with a lot of books I gave away about five years ago however I could see myself keeping that one.

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Was real good to hear from you Mr. Doug :grinning:

Stay in touch .


@Pelletpower, I no longer have the manual, must have gifted out. I’m sure the PDF is the same.

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Thank you very much. I will follow the pdf or buy new. That saves a lot of time. There is a bunch of machinery around it anyway to keep it going.

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Same PDF, maybe a bit clearer or exact file:

Biz information:

More biz information. Phone # looks the same.

I am not on Facebook however someone that is might contact through Facebook:


R & R Forest Products
+1 (660) 458-6511
62726 County Road F-51
California, MO 65018
United States

Have seen raymond pour in damp sawdust - only after the gasifier is up and running. The MO-DNR plans are nothing like his S series gasifiers. S series are small packaged user friendly units. S-80 for small air cooled engines, 8" hearth. S-120 for up to 300 cid 6 cylinder, 12" hearth. SV-140 for small V-8 applications, 14" hearth. He has built bigger hearth sizes for bigger motors, but these three were the standards back in the day and AFAIK he still enjoys building them.

Raymond has a sawdust gasifier furnace in the mill maintenance area that runs off a thermostat. Lots of gasifying lessons in that design ;~) Likely runs clean as natgas at design btu, but still clean at turndown and starts fairly clean even after sitting a while - with no user intervention other than pouring in sawdust fuel as needed.

All the best to y’all. Burn that smoke ;~)