Michigan Meet and Greet

Wayne has given me permission to post his appearance in Covert, MI. Since he has business to conduct on Wednesday and Thursday, the chance to hang out with the Gasifier In Chief will be Tuesday the 24th in the afternoon/night for us groupies. Traveling along I-196, it is exit 18, head east to 28th Avenue and head south to 75127. The host, Barbara Norman asks for nothing and will welcome all.


It’s late and my brain is slow, if I understand you correctly, we’re headed to;

75127 28th Avenue
Covert, MI

I Google mapped this and had some trouble with your directions (again, might be me, feel free to slap me)
is this what you meant;

From I-196, take exit 18 (M-140)
Go South on M-140 to 28th Avenue
Go West on 28th avenue to;

75127 28th Avenue
Covert, MI 49043

Tuesday the 24th, in the afternoon. What time in the afternoon should we plan to arrive? Will there be a sign or something so we know we are in the right area?

Hello Henry,

There may not be a lot of activity because we are a day early but there might be a big tent already in place. We will be right on the road side of 28th ave. You will see fruit trees at the site but can’t see the blue berry fields from the road.
Sean and I plan on dropping by Ron lemlers near Argos Tuesday morning and should be at the event site around noon.
Sean and I will be putting down a lot of miles. We both think we have good operating gasifiers but now we are working on what we call the other 75% of the gasifier, vehicle, operator equation.

The first pic shows 28th ave in the background and your senator’s assistant in the foreground.

The second pic shows the tent in the background and wine makers in the foreground.


Sean drove up from Florida in his Ford and we will be leaving in the morning and next stop will be up near Ron Lemlers near Argos In.

Gary Gram and his wife came by today and I showed them the wood chucker working, also looked the trucks over and I gave him a ride.

Great Wayne, I’ll try to arrive between Noon and 1 PM. Hopefully I got the directions/address correct above. I’ll be looking for your Dakota!

Keep your eyes open for a Tan colored Scion XB with Yakima roof racks. I can’t afford to drive my soon to be woodgas truck on petrol so I’ll be traveling in the box, still burns gas, but gets good mileage!

Wayne, you guys are on the front page… have a great trip!!

“Happy Motoring” to Wayne and Sean. The thought of driving to Michigan and back on NO GAS makes us smile.

Met up with Wayne and Sean in Louisville at the Cracker Barrel. Sean got some pictures which he’ll post as soon as he gets to a computer. Wayne’s truck was doing great, both of them having a blast. All I could see were huge smiles as they drove up.




I was looking forward to meeting at Barbara’s but wont be able too due to my transmission still being under the weather. I hope everyone has a great time!

Photos of the trip - stopped to meet up at the Cracker Barrel.

Chris, I heard my phone ringing as I was walking home from the trailer. I was barefoot and around 400 feet from the trailer so I let the answering machine do it’s thing as I knew I couldn’t make it back up there on the gravel fast enough anyway plus it might have been some jerk calling for Jimmy Johns with the wrong area code or about work at 9:30 PM … I’m hoping it was just them at the fleabag in Rochester. I’ll post in the morning … Mike

Yepper, Wayne called around 9:30 last night. They made their 600 miles and are at the fleabag in Rochester. They are in rescue range of Ron now and of many of the others that made the Argos meet as they head further north.

Wayne and Sean made it here about 10:30 this morn. Everything was running really good, he said he was getting about 100 mi per hopper of wood. We got him loaded up and he was on his way to meet some MI woodgassers for lunch.

Ron, Thanks for being the first official woodgas filling station in the midwest. Your wood is the best and I would have gladly taken a whole box you offered if I had the room. I still have 2 sacks from Argos and part of one from Akron. I like to show them to people here. Glad to hear you got your pool fixed. We sure have needed them this year. Supposed to be 100 here tomorrow … Mike

PS, best part is you are giving it away so it is not a commercial thing so exempt from you know what …

Hi Mike, I brought 10 boxes back from Argos,and still have about six boxes left, and have accumulated at least six more boxes of fresh chunks.
If any one is going to be driving through northern IN stop in and Ill be glad to load you up.:slight_smile:

Drivin on wood. Team America right here right now…

Thanks Ron and I might actually take you up on a bigger load some day … I need to check into a hotel or go to McDonalds or something to look at the video that Bruce posted … I’m glad we are finally building a decent network … I am having a hell of a time with the trailer. I have it burned to the grate now so hopefully tomorrow I can scrape all the crap off of that and get back to normal with full power … I guess I need a grate shaker every thousand miles or so … A 2.2 liter doesn’t pull it right to keep it cleared but it always makes clean gas but less and less of it … Everything else has been cleaned out … I’m coughing soot from the cooler right now … Mike

Hey all took these last night. Doug are you missing something? BBB Sean


I Was wondering if you’d take time to visit the lake while up here. We like our ponds on the larger side of huge round these parts - folks out on the west coast have a hard time believing we surf on a lake!

I am now more motivated than ever to get going and complete my build, the ride in Wayne’s truck was truly inspirational.

BBB - Build Baby Build

It was great meeting you, Wayne, and the others. We learned a lot and had a good time, I hope to see everyone again!