Missed the Argos shirts? We're getting some more

Several folks expressed to me their disappointment at missing the Argos t-shirt pre-order window. While we can’t afford to stock a bunch of extras “just in case” somebody wants one, we can certainly put in another order.

At the same time, certain things have sold out in various sizes or prints, and some folks might want the design but on a different product. Yes we can do that.

This is your chance to get a one-of-a-kind shirt!

We have these designs to choose from:

###Drive On Wood! (flame logo, orange on black)

###I’m a gasifier girl! (pink on black)

###Argos 2014 (truck lineup, black on tan)

###Argos 2015 (Henry A poking gasifier, black on blue)

###Argos 2016 (Don M lighting flare, black on red)

###Argos 2017 (woodgas drivers, black on green)

###Argos sweatshirt (Ron’s tractor, white on black)

Here’s the deal. If we get a minimum of 6 items per design, we can re-order anything we want. The more per design, the cheaper. They can be different products, as long as you choose appropriate colors. The main cost is setting up the printer. These will continue to be single color prints on contrasting backgrounds. (Black on black is a bad choice, for example).

Our target price is $20/t-shirt, $40/sweatshirt. But that will of course vary depending on who gets how many of what. We will ship them out via Priority Mail, about $7 per envelope.

Also note that DOW makes no profit on this, we’re doing this as a service to the community.

Ronda Lemler has gathered some of the ladies’ requests already, from Argos. She will be watching this post and helping me gather up orders. If you want a lot of complicated stuff, or just need fashion advice, please email her directly at [email protected]. She’s done this several times and can help you out.

What I need from you:

If you just want another t-shirt, same as originally printed, just say what size you want, and how many.

If you want a different shirt with an existing design, you need to:

  1. Find your product on this site: Custom T-shirts & Promotional Products — Check Out CustomInk's Product Catalog
  2. Pick a color that works with the ink.
  3. Post a link to it, and note the color, sizes, and how many you want.

Remember, the order will only go through if we get enough interest. If you’re the only one wanting a given design, it won’t get printed (unless you want six for yourself!)

Any questions please ask. I hope this helps some folks who missed out, this year or in years past.

What’s the deadline?

There isn’t one… yet. But we aren’t going to let this linger too long… if you’re interested, please jump on this quickly. It will help us a lot, and it’ll make sure you don’t miss out.

@Ron_L Thanks for the push to get this done, Ronda.

Hi Chris,
I guess I will start with the first one. We want this sweatshirt. https://www.customink.com/products/styles/j-america-ladies-cosmic-performance-pullover-hoodie/257200?PK=257201 She wants 1- 2XL with Ron’s tractor. It won’t be black but dark gray with turquoise inner hood. Some of you guys need to let your wives know about this one, They may be interested. My girls and I bought these last year and we wear these all the time. We also need to order this sweatshirt. Design Custom Printed Gildan Zip Front Hoodies Online at CustomInk We need 1-Medium black with Ron’s tractor on it also.
Hope I’m doing this right! Thanks for the help Chris.
Ronda L.

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Hi Chris,

You dont ship to EU do you? I like the DOW shirt, wuld be a proud wearer :blush:

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Ditto! Plus 20 characters.

Hello again,
We want to order a few more things. Design Custom Printed Gildan Zip Front Hoodies Online at CustomInk 1- Medium in royal blue with Ron’s tractor. We also want this sleeveless t-shirt https://www.customink.com/products/styles/anvil-jersey-tank/307000?PK=307009 withn the 2017 logo on it.
Thanks, Ronda L.


Yes we can ship to the EU, but we can’t sell to there. I think we could arrange to send some shirts your way. Email me your info (size, address) at [email protected].

That would be awesome!

Strange rules and regulations, but they fit us European woodgasers for once :smile:
Jokes aside. Please tell me if there is anything I can do to return the favour.

I’ll send you an email right away.

Sorry l missed the topic! Some unread topics dont show any more under unread list (like they didnt some time ago).

You are great Chris! What JO sayd, if there is anything we culd do to pay back!

Bump. Doesn’t look like a lot of interest here.

JO and Kristijan, packages are en route.


Ahh. CrisKY I carry my flip cell phone in my shirts breast pockets. Yours and the local community ones are great and I love to support. But then I must go back to vests overwearing for the cell phone. Mostly covers up that support. Pant pocket cell carrying bump/bang/smashing is a phone killer for me. Big assed, dumb and clumsy I guess.
Yes, I know pocketed Tee’s cost more.
I’d gladly pay more, for more.
Next year maybe pocketed Tee’s?
J-I-C Steve unruh

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That’s the idea Steve, we can do a single design on several different products, some with pockets.

Last call. Order goes in this weekend.