Missing Steve Unruh

I ask someone today what has happened to Steve U. and they said that they thought his internet provider no longer provides dial up service which we all know, Steve had. I believe he had dial up by his choice and not because of money. I for one really miss his imput and comments on DOW. I believe he is one of the most compeling people to read from and his contribution to us all is priceless. Maybe I do not have all the info. about this subject so I hope I do not tick anyone off, but I want Steve U. back at all costs. Because of his major contribution to this site, I would think it would be benifcial to the site to offer to pay for Steve to have a high speed intetnet connection so he can continue to advise us all. If nothing else I would be glad to be part of a group that puts so much a year into an account thru DOW to keep him on the air and give him the ability to watch our video’s so we may benifit from his extensive knowledge. Am I wrong? What do you think?

I absolutely agree on all accounts Danny. When he answers a question or just make sure we understand what’s going on, he has a knack for for providing a visual for me so I’m not just going through the motions of building.
I miss his input whether it be on my posts or others.
I am in. I will contribute an annual fee for Steve’s input. His information is priceless.
Thanks for starting this thread Danny

I echo Danny and Bill’s position. Count me in!

I talked with Steve on the phone a couple of weeks ago. He is starting to phase things out like the internet and also his phone. He has purchased plane tickets to Indianapolis and plans to rent a mini van there to camp in at the Argos event. We are the same age and both have our share of medical issues (age). I’m looking forward to camping there and finally meeting him. That’s all the news I have at the moment. My work load is beginning to pick up so I will have to back off this social stuff a bit. I still have to do my taxes as well. There goes another few thousand bucks … Mike

Agree with all the above . Have missed his comments and advise much . I’m sure if he is having any problem financially with the internet DOW would be happy to help.

Maybe a new laptop too? I understand he was having hardware and software issues

Thanks to everyone for responding. It is clear to me that Steve is missed much. It is obvious he had earned a special spot with DOW. Wayne and Chris, I’m sure you guys have communications with Steve and the platform to reach hundreds of caring people who want Steve back. I don’t want Steve to think that we are treating him like a chairity case but want to help him because we are selfish and want him back. I truely hope that health is not the reason for his change of habit. I would be glad to donate $50.00 to DOW if we can get him to accept our offer and I know many others will give what they can. My hope is that someone who knows him well will see if we can get him back. I’ll be watching for answers. Thanks again Wayne,Bill,Billy and Mike and all others that follow. Dan P.S. Steve… We don’t care if you mis spell some words or get things a little mixed up at times, hell we all do!

Count me in too.

I’m in too.

From VGW to DOW Steve has enlightened me with his knowledge and experience. Of course being a novice some of his comments went way over my head. Sometimes I would shake my head and wonder, " what the heck is he talking about, lol". But down the experience road a bit a light would come on and I would smile to myself and say," whoa, this is what Steve meant". Straight forward, meaning well and pulling no punches he shared his wisdom freely. I have immense respect for the man.
I’m truly proud to be part of this community. Count me in.
Regards, Pepe

Bigotes told me he had his reasons and that we should not pressure him. They’ve known each other and corresponded for years. He has valued Steve’s knowledge enough to have archived the extensive information Steve shared with him and constantly re-reads it. Says a lot of what Steve told him passed over his head “back then” but now has become a treasure trove of “to the point” revelations. I guess that since Bigotes is now pushing 70 himself he thinks we should give Steve some slack. Old men deserve a little slack, he said. But he also said he could not speak for Steve.

old men……….nah, never mind

Still have fingers crossed. Yes, no one can speak for Steve but Steve. If it was not for health reasons I was hoping a show of support might show Steve how much he is wanted. I do appreciate the small handful of members that spoke up to show him. I won’t bring it up anymore because 11 replies quite frankly shocks me. Dan


Make that 12.


Dittos to all

12 it is. Thanks Alex…Dan

OK I will be #13 and was lucky to be able to try to understand all that Steve posted. Don’t get it all yet maybe someday. I miss him

Thanks Tom, it’s truely our loss. Fan

I’m glad you started this thread Dan C!

Steve U has been a very good friend to me for many years now, he is always honest, encouraging and knowledgeable. His rooted advice has meant a lot. When we get to talking it can go a long time, usually up until our wives tell us to get off the phone, ha!
I have not talked to him for well over a month, around the same time I got to speak with MikeL. Time fly’s people!

It’s great to hear he is planning to go to Argos, I am sure he’s excited to finally meet everyone!

Well, a little bit of sad news this morning. Wayne talked to Steve last night, and it appears that he isn’t going to make it to Argos after all, for some of the reasons he hasn’t been posting lately. He’s not upset or anything, it’s his health.

I do want to set at rest the lack of equipment - we’ve offered to get him a new computer and assistance with internet costs, multiple times over the past years. That’s not the problem for Steve. He was on dial up by choice, not necessity. A new computer would not make it any easier to type. We can’t upgrade the failing “hardware” in his head.

For the past few years, Steve has suffered from a brain disorder, which is basically corrupting the path from his thoughts to his actions. It’s not Alzheimers. He’s still sharp as a tack. But trying to make thoughts come out into the real world involves a part of his brain that is degenerating fast. This has severely limited his ability to type (what you see is very heavily spell checked); it has also affected his social skills and general temperament. The problem is only getting worse. He’s on the best medications available, which unfortunately have powerful side effects. Some of you know Steve, he’s not comfortable with a high level of meds, but he’s done it anyway, largely to help us out. Now, even that is losing it’s effectiveness. He’s worried that in a large diverse group he may lose it completely, and that’s not how he wants to be remembered.

The unselfish thing here is to let Steve go quietly. He deserves a rest.

I suggest to his closest friends that you call Steve sometime. He still loves to talk.

Sad! Makes I guy (me at least) think on how blessed I really am. Steve is also…sounds like the best thing we can do now is keep him in our thoughts and prayers.
Thanks for the update Chris.