Missouri s-80 plans

Pepe; I think the idea of even number of nozzles came from Mike LaRossa a long time back. He felt with an even number he could stick a rod through one nozzle and into the one across from it to “clear” them.
A case can made for odd or even. Just remember there is charcoal in the middle that will make the air go up,down, left, right, and every place but clear across.TomC


Yup what Tom said. I dont think it matters as the air stream is interrupted as soon as it hits the fuel. This is why I dont do jets no more and went to a much easier system.


Hi Matt, I was going to mention you style of slot ring carburetor. But I was pretty sure you would chine in. I think Kristijan even used the slot ring carburetor in one of his builds.


Its the way to go, its a lot simpler and works. Its also very easy and limitless to tuning. I will never do tier jets again.

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If one had a cnc machine you can make plates with chambers to act like jets. I have configured a machine so it had angled jets in the radial direction. I am going to revisit this on the little gasifier kit I hope to start work on this week.

Yeah I know if aint over elaborate you aint a gasser. Its got to be over complicated some how to work right? :fire:


Might be why a lot of stayed away from this sawdust gasser. Its way too simple no way it work! haha.


In the Gengas book (Swedish) from the evaluation of the gas units under ww2, they count on the air flow, from the nossles to the area on the grate.
Isn’t that something you usually do?
Do I not have to be scared of tar if I get too low temperature in the aggregate?

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Hi Jan, you want to keep the temperature up in the fire tube zone, this heat cooks out the moisture in the materials being use used so it can be converted to charcoal. If you have Lower temperatures this will amost guarantee tar in the gas, high temperature and a good charcoal bed to run the CO2 molecules thru and H2O molecules thru converting them to CO and H2. If you over pull on the gasifier it will make weak gas because of it being burned up. This is because there is not enough charcoal bed and distance the gases are going though. If you build the gasifier correctly you should be able to make it have a high enough turn down ratio with in the gasifiers steel mass, and limit the air intake so you can not over pull it. This is done by limits on how much air can enter the gasifier nozzles and still allow the gasifier to operate properly, making enough gas for your use to operate your engine or burner, ect.
It is a real balancing act for the builder/ designer, operator. Building the gasifier to small will cause over pulling on it or not enough gas for full operation, or both. My operating temperatures at the grate are 1200 *f to 1600 *f this is a WK Gasifier. My cross flow charcoal gasifier runs hoter at times, I know this because of the slag in the ash.


Cnc, check!
Want to share some details?
It doesn t seem that there is a Missoury available. I have to do it myself…Buy would save a lot of time.

Start with the gen book. Amazon is the best place to buy?

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Ill have to design in CAD first. Right now Im working on the 2020 Flex Power System, Im updating its design quite a bit to make it more cost effective to manufacture.

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Aah. It is your business. Very nice systems. Now I understand why you are so keen on pellets!


Some of you fellows sure can miss the point of it all completly.
The RayR. series of IC ENGINE FUELING gasifiers were purpose designed to operate fuel with wood products mills saw dust “waste” as produced.

ALL wood products mills DO NEED POWER for the equipment. Why buy out Grid-electricity? Why buy out pipeline Natural Gas? While buy out massive amounts of from part-way around the planet sourced diesel fuel?
Direct use of made in place wood-“squeal”-made; to wood-mill do-it-yourself power that wood mill. Just makes sense.

So of course using raw loose form sawn dust is going to have to be gasified complete diffident from any way that chunked woods, chipped woods, densified formed wood pellets/briquets
would be.

All’s you actually show is how many of you are not in this for D.I.Y. practicality usage.
In this for world-saving.
In this for the Braniac-acknowledgement back-patting kudo’s.
In this for $$$$ bucks.

You all really, really need to do some annual woodstoving ONLY with you doing ALL the needed whole trees harvest, break-down, dry ahead storage, to get based back into real world realities.
Simple, fewest steps will always be truly overall better.
ONLY add steps that have a real measurable Pay-Back.
Diminishing Returns is a heartless master. Unavoidable. Steps added are just more make-trouble Murphy access points!!
Complicators are barely to be tolerated. Over-complicators should be booted hard in the ass.

Actually wood stove versus all this woo-woo jabber-do-nothings (until branaic, and peer reviewed as purrr-fected)

ANY Day using wood-for-power in any form is better then 100 days armchair perfecting it.
Any time you slave away chasing someone else dictated must-achieve numbers, you just enslaved yourself to them.
Steve Unruh


Back to earth. Thx Steve. You are right.

Can only speek for myself. At the moment I am nobodies slave, as long as I keep the bank satisfied. And what I really don t want is to become a slave of the gasifier. For me this has to be KISS. Otherwise arms stay crossed. Gasifier proces is complex enough to do it right.
Just want to learn here something.


I can not remember exactly how the saying goes but here I try; If you try to change the world the world will destroy you. If you change, the world around you will change.

Raymond is an extremely interesting and nice person. Very practical and hands on. A true treasure!


I like this saying! Where goes it come from? And who is Raymond?

Close to twenty years ago, I decided to heat with wood. Built an outside boiler and plumbed the house. Then had my first of a series of heart attacks and other complications. I had to tell my wife how to switch the house back to natural gas. By the time I got straightened out and home, pipes had frozen and broke. Never fix them, and I apologize to no one for using natural gas. I started working when I was about seven years old, in an upholstery shop, tearing furniture apart for the money I found in the chairs/couches. I was born just after the depression, and my parents taught me to pay my own way, and SAVE. I can afford to be in a comfortably warm house during sub-zero weather, and I have paid my do’s.
And this idea that I or any one of us is going to save the world by driving on or heating by wood is hope miss-placed: admit it, you do it for your own satisfaction. TomC


He is the designer and builder of the saw dust gas produce.


Hi Tom C, i agree, for me it is just a good feeling knowing i can jump in a car on charco, or a truck running on wood when needed, or if all else fails, and with all the talk of a green new deal type hype. Any price for fuel could happen, They want too cut petro use by 100 percent by 2030 in the john kerry and far left demicrat partys. No way too pay for it all , and you caint shut down one countrys economys while china and india go full speed ahead of us with manufacturing. That would be an act of war on our own country, We need things in legislation too prevent this type of sabitosh.


A saw dust gasifier seems like would be imposible too maintain a charbed. Or it must be it only needs a small charbed, with the design of it.Sounds like a fun project if any one gets the blue prints / Plans.


I need to make some thing clear. It would be over my dead body to give away somebodies design of anything. That can only be done by the designer.