Mixed engine components

I recently became enamored with this electronic ( fuel injection system that LCT… Chinese clone engine builder ) has been producing for Ariens snowblowers.

But what makes this real interesting is the combination of the large bore piston and short throw crank of two engines combined to make something that filled a gap in the product line.
How can I use this to my advantage???

Then it occurred to me going to the Honda parts box is this is a viable combination you can make a larger displacement engine from a combination of GX240 and GX340 parts that’s got both higher compression, larger displacement, a flat top piston to make a quench area and short stroke to keep the piston from running away from the flame front on producer gas.

So this is just a back burner idea, but keep those scrap clone and Honda engines you discover for testing and experimentation.
There are so many parts that interchange you never know what you can build.

I have a GX240/270 generator crank and 340 block here…
Hmm, more to think about as the days get longer.

Its a 390 block not a 340.
Bigger bore yet.
Aftermarket has a flat top piston for the 340, this might be a match for the OEM or it could be something different ( such a piston exists for the 270 I think its actually from V twin but I never went into great detail searching this part out )