Mixing wood gas in the air cleaner

I modified my GM air cleaner so that it will work as a gas-air mixing bowl on my 88 Chevy 350.
The wood gas will have to go through the TBI but I have three of them on hand.
We shall see how this works before I build a under theTBI mixer to work with the 700 R4 tranny.

I made a baffle somewhat like that for my dakota. But then a whole bunch of water condensed in there and I had to throw it out. I can’t remember if the filter element was still in there or not, but I actually broke down on the side of the road and had to walk to a neighbor for a ride home.
I keep taking the #7 detour thru your neighborhood. Again tomorrow and wednesday.

I have no room for a filter in there now, if condensate is a problem I will put a drip leg on the bottom housing.

It’s on and linkage is connected

Dave, That looks like the sun is shining in on the engine. Looks beautiful. I believe I will try that baffle again to see if it helps woodgas startups.
Thanks for the tour of your shop! Your’e the first real woodgasser I’ve ever met!!!

Dave, I re-installed my baffle in the air cleaner of my Dakota. I found the old one in the scrap heap: it was a combo made out of the filter element with duct tape covering the element except a 3 inch opening (cut in the element and the duct tape) in front of the woodgas inlet. On my rig the single woodgas inlet is opposite the single air inlet.
Anyway, I installed a baffle made of an aluminum printing plate in the same configuration.
And the result is significant. In order to achieve the same lean readin.g from the O2 sensor: say, 120 Mv, I have to open the air damper perhaps 30% more than before. Also, city driving is noticeably better. Pick-up at stop signs is way better. Etc.
But so far it hasn’t helped woodgas startups…
I will keep trying.


John Good to hear it works.