Modern coal song

One of my favorite duos, Tim O’Brien and Darrell Scott. “Keep Your Dirty Lights On…” great song, and moderately relevant for DOW. Just substitute petroleum for coal.

(words for those who can’t watch)

Well my Daddy came from coal dust
And me I’m bout the same
If you’ve read King Coal’s ledger book
Then you’ve seen my family name
It used to take a camp of miners
To load that train and gone
Now there’s four in my crew and we do what we do
To keep your dirty lights on

Keep your dirty lights on
Keep your dirty lights on
If you’ve got money in your pocket and a switch on the wall
We’ll keep your dirty lights on

Well Daddy worked in darkness
Me in broad daylight
I can blow a whole seam like daddy never dreamed
Using old bill’s dynamite
As long as there’s coal in them mountains
We’re gonna burn up it till it’s gone
We can’t stop blowing mountain tops
We’ve gotta keep your dirty lights on

Every time they have elections
They talk how coal is clean
Well coal is cheap but coal’s still black
It aint never turning green
So plug your electric car in
Charge it good and strong
Do your shopping online we’ll get you every time
Just keep your dirty lights on

Fantastic song!