Moon Pies and Scrap metal

For those of you in the current generation and maybe for some of those in the Northern latitudes you may not know what I’m talking about when I mention a “Moon Pie”. It’s a packaged cake like (more cardboard than cake) with marshmallow center covered in chocolate. Not one of my favorites (matter of fact I don’t like them) but, none the less, very popular in the South especially among mine and my parents generation. Down here the saying an “RC Cola and a Moon Pie” was a popular Southern treat and expression.

Ok so what does this have to do with gasifiers and scrap metal? Well everything…especially when the guy that runs your local landfill LOVES Moon Pies. Several months ago after an annual event on our farm called the Mason Jar Social (yes another Southern thing) we had a bunch of Moon Pies left over. I took them with me to give away to some friends and had them in my truck when I carried off the trash. The Shadow and I pulled up to dispose of the garbage and there was a new man working at the dump. I told The Shadow to ask him if he liked Moon Pies. Beaming from ear to ear he said he LOVED!!! Moon Pies. We gave him a whole box and affectionately started calling him “Moon Pie.”

Now to the gasifier connection. Being in need of hot water heater tanks and other sundry pieces of metal I mentioned to Moon Pie that if he ever had any of those would he mind if I picked them up. He said I’ve got one now and if you give me your number I’ll call you every time one comes in.

Now each week I get at least one phone call saying, “I’ve got a hot water heater for you. Come pick it up.”

So now you might want to stop by your local store and pick up a box of Moon Pies and then haul off the garbage.

Heres a photo of the last two weeks.

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Free is always better and it looks like you have a good connection, I,m like you
don’t like moon pies but I do drink plenty RC though.

Here, do to a new whole car scrap grinder/separator built in place at the nearest Pacific Ocean deep water port in Vancouver WA, a 50 mile radius scrap steel vacuum effect has taken place with the locals. Easy to set up “moon pie” deals with the locals to where they will drop them off to me directly. Real cheap bucks. I have learned have to hide these treasures though to keep the non-program guys from beating on the door asking for these as “free” haul-a-way scrap. These door knockers gets the three big dog all upset.
Local well driller’s selling going out of business casing stock availabe from 4" to 12-14". I haven’t been able to connect with the right person on that yet.
Regional nateral gas line company has thier repair station with lots of 14-16" stuff just 18 miles away. Still workin on an insider connection there too.
These the kinds of fellows expect me to lay in the half frozen mud doing thier 4x4 repairs at beck and call repairs and give up elk/deer hunting spots. 'Kinnda expensive trades that way.
Careful on the direct recycling center pick ups. Had what I though was an above board deal for dropped off propane tanks to be set aside for me to pick up. Worked once. Next time the Big Boss had me blocked in with a hugmongus loader. Took my ID and vehicle information. Made me unload and threatened prosecution. Put me on a do not service list I expect.

Steve Unruh

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I’m in Utah and I love Moon Pies. Ever had Moon Pie ice cream? Good stuff.

Steve, do you mean that an employee said that you could pick up the tanks but it wasn’t authorized by the boss? Seems a bit over-the-top, blocking you in with a loader.

Yes JakeS exactly what happened.
I did not complain; just gave a one line explain; then complied. And I certainly did not ask for a back story explanation: “employee” prank set up; or grumpy Big Boss. Complaining would have triggered a Sheriffs call and response for theft. Don’t need that. DO need this recycling center for no cost medical waste drop off for my Nursie wife. Life lesson there - never PO unnecessarily your s/hHWMBO with your hobbies or you Will Be sleeping cold and alone.
So. . . . different hat, different open backed pickup versus the closed minivan now going in always from then on. Be very polite.
Chime to yourself over and over . . “I am just a little innocuous mouse”. Save your coyote-ing for another day, another place.

Get Along Philosophy by
Steve Unruh

Steve, I’m not sure whether I would laugh harder if we were face to face and hearing these stories or if it’s better reading them.

And Jake, I’d never ruin ice cream with moon pies. Never.


Chris F.