Most of us will be on the road in a week

Safe trip to all … I have a busy busy week ahead …Please make sure you take time to do your local Memorial Day services this weekend … It is something I know I can’t ignore … Again, Safe trip … I hope to be in Eastern Illinois a week from now … Guess I’d better get some more black eyed peas and butter … Mike


Rub it in! I’m jealous!!


I am excited, however starting to worry cause the truck isnt running like a song yet…Plan on putting some miles down this weekend.


@josephhauler well, if it’s running at all, I’m sure the folks will get it whipped into shape soon!

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Don’t worry !!! I’m too weak to do all my driving on wood but I will burn up a few sacks … I’m bringing the local trailer so folks can see how light one can be. I can hook it up and disconnect it without a jack … ONE WEEK … I’m almost outta here !!!


Piling wood on the trailer tonight.Looks like lots of rain. :disappointed:

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Mike L Make Sure you bring that s10 and the gasifier,some folk would like too see the performance with the small engine, if i could make it i would like too get a ride around the cruise.BY next year i hope too have wood gas mastered and all set up with chunkers and wood sheds for drying wood when needed.

Jealous. Could not get coverage so that I could go… :frowning: