My first gasifier! (Sort of...)

I successfully converted an aluminum soda can into a super simple, but technically functional, gasifier.

I was down on my beach playing with a wood chisel that a friend had given to me. I’d just finished my can of soda and decided to see what I could do.

After looking up some basic diagrams on my phone, I punched a few choice holes in it with my knife. I crammed it full of wood shavings, chips, twigs, and a few chunks of charcoal out of the fire pit.

After some skilled usage of my lighter, a few burning twigs, and a lot of huffing and buffing, I got a hot char bed on top with some smoldering wood chips in the bottom.

Once everything was nice and toasty I restricted the airflow to non-critical areas and struck my lighter by the output nozzle. I was rewarded with a nice rosy flare for about 20 seconds until the wind blew it out.

Pictures (taken by my rather patient girlfriend) below.