My friend Stephen's new cooler design

Sorry I can only give you a link to a picture in the yahoo wood gas group… no idea how to pull a picture from there and put it here, I don’t think Stephen would mind. For those that don’t know him, Stephen has an engineering background, jet engines and the like and is trying to bring some of that knowledge into wood gas to make things better, and smaller…

Here ya go Arv,

Thanks Don

I should have actually called that his new cooler/filter design… he’ll be doing some testing this weekend… wishing him luck and positive thoughts…

While i’m waiting for some things to mature, I figured i’d put together a small demo unit along the lines of what my friend Stephen Abbadess has done… I’ll feed it pellets and hoping it will still make enough gas to run our small genset albeit for very short periods… :slight_smile:

Hoping to couple it to a cyclone and one of Stephens new coolers once he has the bugs worked out of them… he’s still has to do some testing and fine tuning.

news from my friend Stephen… here’s his post from the yahoo woodgas group

Hi Wood Gassers,

I just finished my first run of the compact gas cooler. Overall not bad. I was feeding it typical 240-300F gas and it was reducing the temperature to about 130. At first you may want to say that’s not very spectacular but considering that it’s taking out a lot of condensation energy to get there, it’s not too bad.

I’m going to add more baffling and hopefully get in another run tommorow. Stay tuned.


Hello ArvidO
I am assuming the the heat extraction is to lower the woodgas temp to IC engine fuel usability?
That, and woodgas wash with the condensate dropping out, yes?
Is Stephen or you for that matter saying what purpose you intend to do with the extracted heat?
Larry Dobson on his chip wood gasifiers was always using this extracted heat for space heating.

Steve Unruh

Yes Steve, to lower the temperature for IC engine running.

my plan would be to use it for next batch load fuel drying as it wouldn’t be much of a stretch for that. It wouldn’t be hard to make it into a space heater either.

I know right now Steve A’s goal is to make the smallest possible, usable cooler/filter unit he can come up with…

Hi Arvid,
Re your first post here, I can recommend a free program I use to capture screen shots easily.
Search for Gadwin Printscreen, ver 4.7 now. It works easy, great and the resolution is very good.
It sets up a print screen folder (mine is in documents for easy access) to store your shots which you can click on, copy and post anywhere, a great tool,
You can freeze videos if you want and get a shot of the screen for reference when building something new.
EDIT: Make sure to save them as a jpeg file. It seems their default is bitmap file (HUGE) and this site won’t download them.