My gasifier for testing some of my constructions

I had a little time to try a new set up, here are some pictures


Looking great Thierry
very clever construction on that cart, easy to handle for tipping or moving around

For testing its easier to use a short tube between gasifier and engine, less drag more gas


Looking great! Any idea how the nozzle holds up?

And one other thing. You didnt think you will get by hideing that rebak chunker you are building from us did you? Ha! We see it all! :smile:
I see the bigger picture now. You are makeing a charcoal powered rebak chunker! Love it! Details plese!


Yeah, right! Rebak please! :smile:


I shorten this pipe today, thank you Koen

I only started the engine on the coal gas 15 min, not egr, no H2O. I think my coal, or the ambient air, is a bit damp. The flaring of the gas was white and the color of the red oxidation zone (1000/1100 C, I think)
I hope to check the nozzle today
Yes a coal gas rebak, not completely finished. Problem of knives.
No secret for you my friends just project that does not finish anymore


I suspect that my coal has taken moisture. Difficult to keep, the coal, has the shelter of the humidity at this season (snow and cold). What can I do to test my coal and, can I dry it?

If by coal you mean charcoal, I’ve stored it for years in metal trash cans. An updraft gas produce should be able to use damp charcoal, to a point. Of course that will put a larger strain on the condenser.

Weigh a sample then bake in the oven (no too hot) then weigh again. Should be able to dry wet charcoal.


Jeff, I want to work with dry charcoal to test, the heat exchanger in my aluminum bath nozzle.
To cool the nozzle I have to circulate the steam inside. If the coal is wet no overheating of or no test

I presume it’s not safe to put the charcoal in the wood stove oven of my kitchen?
Risk of CO release! :skull_and_crossbones:

I would think as long as it is not glowing red hot it would be safe. I was originally thinking to just drive off the water not any volatiles.


temperature 120ºC for a few hours , with air circulation… does the trick

I use a paintstripper blowing in a hole in the bottom of a bucket filled with charcoal, works as a charm


New tests

I have to close the air almost completely in the mixer for the engine to work. yet I do not see any air intake on the line. Did you think the coal was too thin ? (causes a lot of restriction?)



Wow! Rebak running on wood! :smile:
I like it a lot. You never mentioned your rebak was finished, or did I miss something?
I think there are only two possibilities if your air valve has to be almost closed. Tight charbed or you’re leaking air in somewhere else.


Jo I do not consider that my rebak works very well (machining homemade not very well done) I try to recover my errors of adjustment to make it functional :sob:


Dont wory if it doesent work first time, myne didnt either. With some help of JO who has most experiances here with Rebaks l managed to get it goeing good.

Its important that the blades actualy allmost touch and overlap/slide one a nother. Like scisors. Then you will be able to gring eaven litle twigs.


Hi Thierry,

Try to find some airleakage , might be almost invissible but still…