My little "outback" "farmer" charcoal gasifier

Based on my own experiences and learned on DOW , subsequential learned from the feedback during teaching around here…

This little one is kinda expressing my opinion on how i think a gasifier “should” be…

Not everybody is a genius as Wayne Keith or Garry Gilmore, or has the life experience as Steve U, nor they have the drive of so many builders around here on DOW… Seeking for perfection…

There is no bad or wrong, merely it has to suit YOUR needs, be it having fun or needing the monetary benefits…

Anyway, long story short…

Based on the KIS(F) principle ( F stands for Fire, acknowledging the work of GG, Keep It Simple Fire )

This gasifier will run “flawless” if:
Your charcoal is A ok
Your Filters are clean
Your engine is OK and well maintained

It is not a “Lit and forget gasifier” , gasifiers never are…
This little thing requires daily maintenance, but similar as a woodstove, ash bucket…

I will post some dimensional / drawings / parts / pictures and after that running it on a small genset and waterpump ( my favorit )


also will make a 3D sketchup drawing

But i won’t spent time on making tutorial video’s or such things…


Filters i am using for this:
1: cooky jar style

2: option coarse foam and sticky oil



Wow! That surprises me! Is that the gasifier you are building? You are always using a lot of PVC. Is that tower high enough to cool the gases and not meld the pvc?
Thanks for the pictures, that makes things clear.


Type and size of fuel i use for it, can be any other source as well