My new charcoal gasifier


Nice one Bernie , good to see more charcoal units , what do you have planned to run off this build ? .
Let us know how your getting on .

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I 've got a 4000 watt onan generator I run on my wood gasifier. I run the charcoal generator on the same one I like the charcoal generator because I can set it and leave it. Now I’m building a bigger one to run longer


I am new to the idea of gasifiers. Am I to understand that I can get usable flammable gas from a gasifier of only charcoal as feed stock?

Hi Ava ,
Yes that is correct , charcoal on its own in an air tight container with a inlet nozzle for air and a outlet pipe for the gas will indeed make flammable gad that can be used for cooking , water heating or running a internal combustion engine , for transport or power generation .
The best way forward would be to start watching video’s on YouTube from experts like Gary Gilmore’s "simple fire: , and Koen Van Looken various builds .

All the best


Thanks Dave. Actually, I have not created a gasifier. I have only read websites and watched videos. My only experiment was with the gasification of waste oil.