My woodgasifier is a CONVERTER

Think about this a bit . . . .
First my woodgasifier CONVERTS a percentage of my solid wood into water vapor, suspended smoke particles.
Then my woodgasifier CONVERTS these flowing long chains opposite the air nozzles into shorter chained true gaseous molecules. And in that part of it CONVERTS some of the stored solar energy into live HEAT energy.
That woodgasifier created HEAT energy then fully CONVERTS freeing out the carbon charcoal from the base wood. Air nozzles converting a percentage of that into truly boosted alive active HOT glowing wood charcoal.
Then gravity and solid-mass shrinkage ( and with a bit of encouraged flows) delivers some of the HEAT; most of the oxidized mid-gases; and ALL of the HOT char down into the last stage of CONVERSION.
The HEAT energy; and HOT char then CONVERTING the hot mid-gases finally into motor usable fuel gases.
The final results . . .
the solid wood is CONVERTED into gasious ready-to-use motor fuel. CONVERTED into freed-released mineral ash. CONVERTED into remaining other-use liquid condensates, and tars concentrates.

CONVERTS the wood stores solar energy into usable to me fuels energy.
CONVERTS me/you from being always 100% outside sourced Top-Down energy beholding/obligated to a bit DIY energy free.

MY woodgasifier is my CONVERTER.

Gasifier?? Ain’t that what the German Nazi’s killed all of those poor adult and innocent children Jews, Gypsies, then onto homosexual, Catholics and other declared untermensch “undesirable to the State” folks?

With my last name of Unruh I’ll be calling mine a CONVERTER from hereon.

Steve Pranger-Unruh


I think they used diesel exhaust or at least that was one theory. Diesel does have “die” in the word.

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I think that most of those that drive on wood fuel are actually using a “Co2 reducing converter” instead of a gasifier…

Make the calculation and look it up,… The fuel is grown with a Co2 reducing system… The waste wood used or end of life cycle wood used, also reduces the amount of Co2 compared with other sources…
The last stage in the converter is a reduction zone, where besides reduction from water into Hydrogen, it also reduces Co2 into CO , which is a fuel to reuse…

show me 1 energy source that does the same… a source you can DIY all the time, every time…

You want to replace fossil fuel, gasoline, diesel, LPG and CNG ? Use wood… yes, nowadays it can replace ALL your fossil fuel needs…

The technology behind the above statement is well proven and feasible…
Just seek the one answer why not so many people are pursuing this… or why its been opposed in so many way’s… ( no longer opposed over here that is )


First: I like “Air Carbon Fuel Cell.” :wink:

Koen, At the present rate of consumption I doubt that everybody could replace FF with wood, in the USofA. However it might be possible with a life style change, new farming practices that free up more land to be planted with trees, serious forest management and the ability to see that immigrants are a gift that would help (employment) with the new work needed. Ah, only in my dreams!

The weather is now changing so I should start to find time for my Converter. I’ve been thinking of your style “Converter” and have been having thoughts on a modification (cross pollination) however I doubt there will be time. I have my fingers crossed!


Hi Jef,
We , the DOer’s , are as much students as we are teachers to each other…

Don’t worry about time, time will pass… Just focus on the good things in life, as your DOings will last forever…

When i look to your work DOne, i find the beauty in the things you have been DOing and i still have to learn some of those…

We question things, as we should, otherwise we would not learn…
Willing to learn is not limited to this life only… It is a part of eternity…

So, don’t worry, plenty more to come and to learn…

I guess we are all crossing our fingers for you…



First; thank you for the kind words!

Second; Even if I accomplished one or two things they were preceded by years of failures, so many failures. I can recall starting a project and half way through it I would realize that this was the wrong path. Complete the project to get the feel of it, end that path in order to start down the next path and repeat the cycle. Honestly I have next to nothing new to offer the art of Converters except the joy of doing the dream.

What I have come to realize is that failure is the art of learning and success can become a log jam.


CO2 Converter, Air-Carbon Fuel Cell, Carbon Converter, Waste Wood Transformer, Biomass Fuel Cell, A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet. Maybe depends on the audience you are trying to reach, to get them to think before they shut you out and argue. :relaxed: I like “My Little Mister Fusion”. :grimacing:


Honestly I think waving the flag and lighting off fire crackers is a waste of my time (in the USofA). Secrets can spread faster than big fancy talk.


Hi All
Again getting very difficult to respond anymore. Someone has corrupted the single area IP/server to not service SteveUnruh anymore.
Have to 3 gallons gasoline travel far enough away, and back, to get into the higher populated Urban core area with too many servers to point-of-use corrupt.

Terminology MEANS things for sure.
Can guide, explain, define, corrupt, obscure and more.
Untermench; mench; Ubermench. Sub-human; human(common); superior-human.
12 years ago when I re-awakened to woodgasification for engines, one of the difficult then in-use terms was tweyres.
This was a French specific technical name for air-jets into furnace conditions. Was what was used in most all of the 1900’s and on gasification books and publications.
Not to say bad about the French language (modern english has many borrowed French words) tweyre was very non-descriptive for us “moderns” in any language. Down-right a need-to-know secret club handshake. Not in any paper; or, on-line dictionaries.
Thankfully we now use air-jets; or air nozzles.

I too like much Jeff’s Air-Carbon Fuel Cell.
Unfortunately just like the very precise descriptive 1930’s/40’s German gasifier classifications of Air-Starved-Gasmaking-Hearth/Stove; and other of their three and four word precise sub-variants; a multi word solution will always devolve to being acronym-ized. ACFC
Then needing a terminologist to expand it back out.
Think not! Explain: Stratified gasification!

I tease-toy with “Carbons” hats and shirts. An in-your-face to the Hydrogen-will-save-us-all folks. A lie as soon as you apply the for-ALL test.
And an in-your-face to the media-culture bought-in now world of carbons haters. Save the planet with hate?! They are not logical, reasonable, capable of reasoning with. True-Believers of latest Spin. So I poke them emotional.

And to me Mr Fusion was a Urban waste’s for-all pie-in-the-sky you will not have to lifestyle change, “Leave your Urban lifestyle problems to the Brainiacs” A cartoonish Jetsons lie.
Heck! Don’t produce less Urban wastes! We will need even more of those as make-more-Blue-Sky-Fuel-for-your-consuming-pleasures Mr Fusion inputs. Don’t Reduce and Conserve. Consumer produce more.

Woodgasifier says it well for my personal ethics actually.
The two most honest forums has been the Drive On Wood and the now defunct Holtz Macht Gaz in-German-language one. They both have/had wood as in their title names, and as their base core focus’s.

Sigh. As much as I’d like CONVERTER I fear It would become tweyre.
The term CONVERTER does play well with the whole results most of us on the DOW are trying to achieve though.
Steve unruh


I have been looking at cheap mobile hotspots that use cell towers. Maybe that would work for you. you would have to check coverage carefully, for my location, I would have to use Verizon towers (Maybe get a Straight Talk brand device). Maybe $50.00 per month or less? depending on how much data you need. I am paying almost that much for slow DSL. It is unlimited data, though. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yes MikeR different options possible, alright.
Depends on what is possible to each of us, locally.

I do have a Verizon service pocket cell phone. $40.05 now a month with all of the local and state add-on cost.
But a few-buttons flip phone. For a reason. Smart-phones can&do massive amounts of personal data storing and tracking. Especially in their enhansed picturing capabilities. “Beware of GEEKs bearing gifts. They give-you-easy for their own advantages”

I wait for the Liberay service to get hooked up to the recently ran into town private fiber-optic service. This come down from the north and will be on a different IP area server.

I can hire a local ChrisSeanz type to work me up a work around. (Ha! Did this. How I am online now).
We’ll see how long this lasts.
Depends on just how determined the hate-SteveU’er really is.


I can not imagine anybody hating SteveU. Good luck Mr. SteveU !


Hi Jef,
1:" he who does not experience failure will not learn… "
2: i did learn a lot…

It is not to learn that you can build it, but to experience why it works… or to learn why it won’t…

if i look back to the pile of mistakes made in life… i still wonder; how did i get here ??
Then i take a closer look and see people leading by example, showing me that it can be done… One of these people is you Jeff… You are awesome in showing that things can be done, thank you for that.
Maybe you don’t show your mistakes, but that is ok, so i can learn from making those by my self :grin:


Like they say:
“Good judgement comes from experience; experience comes from bad judgement”


Hey JeffD, I suppose my use of SteveU-haters was a bit strong. But . . . shut-up-SteveU’ers is/has been real. Many . . . too many much more PC adept New-Age Left Coasters been systems slamming me for popping their free-information&free-energy idealist balloons for a long time now.
Same 'ol. Same ‘ol. Kinnda’ like be pestered with poperatsi. A compliment? Not.

Back to woodgasing realities.
One of three turned in old books I bought and now am reading is Motor Vehicles by Frazer and Jones published in 1919. These were two then recent Artillery Coast Transportation Training Officers just fresh from the last closed out Great War. Motor vehicle transportation was new, new to most so they had to train from the ground up in all aspects for operators and repairmen.
Analogizt to PC computers users training in the mid/late 1980’s. Ha! You young guys grew up with this stuff! Us a bit olders have had to layer it on over all of our old paints experiences.
Anyhow; an excellent, excellent practical all phases how-to book. Across the full range of engines and vehicles manufacturers of that time.
Chapter VII Fuels covers gasoline’s in three grades: kerosene’s in three grades (diesel named as a fuel not yet adopted), and alcohol in two types as neat used, and in blends.
A USofA specific information. They compare heat distilled out yields fractions and base remains of Pennsylvania/Ohio crude stocks versus Oklahoma/Texas crude stocks.
Here is the go-back revelation. They were only heat fractional crude “Refinery” separating. Only beginning to force bias results some with early batch versus continuous process processing.
Tetra-Ethel lead adding upgrading was nearly 10 years down the timeline. True hydrogenating reforming upgrading was not done until the nearly 20 years down the timeline.

Woodgasing mistake. Thinking of this as merely a heat destructive distillation process. Cooking the wood and using the driven off products.
Nope. A true woodgasifier IS a hydrogen and carbons reforming multi-step process using the hot woodchar as a process potentualizer (can’t say catalyst as the wood char is consumed up greatly contributing to the usable motor fuels reformation yield).
Ha! And woodgasifiers had been doing this fuels upgrading reformation from at least as early as the mid-1870’s.
So . . . did the petroleum guys realize this? Emulate this? Or molecule, by molecule; catalyst by catalyst from the ground up re-invent this CONVERSION? Patents says they claimed the fame.

Interesting, eh.
Steve unruh


Got it. It is my and their civic duty to allow you to voice your opinion. Especially if we do not agree. I know you are blunt but never out of order.

Interesting, I’m reading “Endless Tracks in the woods.” It is about old time logging starting with horses.

Maybe a little of both. I think even the gasser people think I am nuts when I say that “woodgas is the idea motor fuel”, sigh…


Blunt? Me? Now I think of myself as realistic, pragmatic. The eyes of a very good Nurologist about ten years ago said sorry. Get done what you need as quickly as possible. New Age’ers can think in terms of journeys-to-forever, better and better tomarrows. JeffD you and I know this ain’t possible. We only know we have today’s. A tomorrows maybe. Maybe not.

Ha! Ha! Most just call me too wordy, long winded.
Sometimes. Yeah. Hey.
Most woodgasing fun I’ve had was insisting being the Silent-One “Teller” to BenP’s “Penn”.

What I do like about actual woodgas USING is you must be very practical and pragmatic.

2nd old found book I am studing is the May 1974 published Mother Earth News Handbook of Homemade POWER.
The 1st post WWII in US oil embargo shock began in October 1973.
No woodgas for engines awareness by John and Jane Shuttleworth and the other early MEN’s folks in this book.
That occurred 2-3 years later with a MENS magazine article about an Ohio? Illinois? couple who had woodgassed their firewood harvesting pickup truck. Was an in the bed Imbert/Nordic copy system.
Why JohnS and others at MEN’s decided to copy a Baltic seas below deck marine system is beyond me. Too complex hard to build.
Ha! Even actually living though a time frame sometimes does not give logical answers to the-why? why-not-instead? of some developments.

The 1919 Motor Vehicles book has 2/3rd early venturi restiction sucking fuel misculizing carburetors. (most all a bit too complex versus the later simplified made-better evolved ones). And 1/3 fuels mixers still heat and air-flow actual vaporizing carburetors. Ok/needed for lighter fractions of kerosene’s in spark ignition engines. Vaporizing is wickedly dangerous and range-use limiting for gasoline’s!
60 years later after the 2nd US oil-shock the 100 mile-per-gallon gasoline vaporizing mixer experimenters learn the hard way that warm/hot vaporized gasoline is super unstable; with unpredictable spontaneous flame fronts.
Live and learn.
Don’t learn to study: and re-discover the whys-not the hard ways.

Steve unruh


I agree but we still plan for tomorrow, in some way, by building converts and buying generators. Forget trying to change the direction of the masses. The only thing that will accomplish that is a massive planet wide rest… Oddly, brought on by the masses them self.

The MEN converter was a double edge sword. They were about the only source of information for me. Of course “the mind works but to complicate.” And I give them five stars there! The dish soap may have save my engine from a tarry situation.


GLAD to see you here Steve…you are still my woodgas idle…
Tom Lambert here in northern ALBERTA…


I still have every MEN magazine I got. They’re priceless, say what
they want about the “hippie” era. I say, "hippie, hippie hooray!!!