Naomi's wood gas truck

Naomi my sister went with Dad and Luke to Africa on the last trip. She went there to teach crotchet to the young girls. She went to teach them how to make animals and other toys. She decided to beat my record and build a wood gas truck. She actually beat several records It only took her a few weeks. It even came with wood In bags ready to go.
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Yup leave it up to a sister to show you up.
Good job Naomi.


And now she has her own posting on DOW!:grinning: TomC


At 17 “likes”, I think that sets a new record for likes on this site too.

Is everyone back from Africa now?

Been in my thoughts, and looking forward to updates…


They are all back now. Very busy. Will try to get an update soon.


This is Billy. Been back for a few weeks now. Had a tough trip. And got really behind on things being gone extra long. …so now rushing to catch up.and also from the back thing before we went…All my customer’s rotational fleet maintenance came due as soon as I returned and also we started milling lumber for a shop and digging the foundation and looking into colleges for the boys, and rescue squad duties and church responsibilities…and chunking lots of wood and putting on lots of wood miles…and meetings…and a dozen public speaking engagements…and …and …and …so…Hope to get a newsletter out tomorrow Lord willing. If you are in our mailing list it will come through a service called “mail chimp”. It will go to your spam folder if my email is not in your contacts. [email protected]. I will probably post it here on “adaptech projects” also. And it will post to our website too “” If you or someone else want to be on the mailing list, just send a request to that email and we’ll sign them up.

Thanks for the help on the road the other day Wayne. I ended up back blowing and then ran the hopper temp up to about 200 to burn some of it out. Eventually got it unclogged. It was a bit slow but I did get really good mileage while it was clogged up. Something like 130 miles on 85 pounds.
We have figured out that we need to mix the smaller chop saw cut wood that Daniel sent with the truck with bigger chunked wood to keep it from clogging up. His little squares just seem to be a bit too small. We went down to Gulf Shores to a Rescue squad conference. 740 miles. All we took was that little wood, so for the trip home I cut up a bunch of oak pallets at a pizza place and raided the resort’s landscape dumping grounds for bigger chunks of wood and strategically mixed them in. Worked real well. Also used some longer pieces of bigger wood… 2 inch diameter and stood them up 2 or 3 at a time in different parts of the fires tube. That seemed to really help keep it from clogging up. I was a little nervous about making tar, but it seemed to do just fine.


Hi billy Glad you made it back from all the traveling places, I was thinking if your plugging above the grate depending on your wood. YOU might try putting a risor on top your restrictor, That can help if you dont put too tall of a risor on.


Wayne has always said to keep a few big pieces of wood to through into the hopper if the gasifier start to get constipated. I tried it and it work, now you have proven again it works. Good job Billy. It is a great Blessing we have each other to call on for help. What a wonderful DOW family we have. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day You All. Thank for the report of what God is doing with you all.


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