Nappanee Apple Festival

This weekend was the Nappanee Apple Festival, antique tractor and steam engine show, Friday night we were invited to bring our woodburning truck up to the steam engine show there was a large number of antique tractors and steam engines there, we were the only woodgas vehicle there but there was a big interest in our truck.After dark they shoveled sawdust into the steam boilers and had quite a shower of sparks.
Saturday we lined up for the parade with our tractor and pickup, my wifes farher rode with us he was a baker in the70s and first made the famous 7’ apple pie, which the town still makes every year !

Good Job Ron,

Great pictures!!


Apple time in Indiana, I miss it. My folks had an orchard and cider mill @ Bristol.

I didn’t realize it was you till I seen the tractor. Forgot the camera too! I drove a 1946 Furgason the last 3 years but desided to be a spectator this year. wish I would have known you were at the antique show. would have went over to meet you.

Hi Carl, Bristol is a pretty area with the rolling hils and the river through it. Was your parents orchard the one on the east side of highway 15 south of the town?

Hi Ron, we were north of Bristol on cr23 about a mile. The place is in sad shape now. The trees were old when I was a kid.