Nashville Tn

are there any members in the Nashville TN area I have gotten a few items to start building by own but id like to see one in person .

[email protected]

Welcome Boyette. Don’t know any off hand, but if you hover over “What’s New” menu, then click “Members” you can search on towns near you, for other members. Hope this helps. You, or they, must be a premium member (*) to view construction details.

Not sure if one is running in the area yet. I’m working on it slowly. I work in Nashville , live about 50 miles east. Waynes displaying his truck today not to far south.

I would suggest you buy the book if you have not already so you can collect the right parts. What do you still need?

ive been surfing for a couple of weeks and still cant decide between an imbert or a stratafied one i only want to power small engines .

thanks for the help ill give that a try