Need help determining reactor size

I plan to build several gasifiers this spring, if I can find the time and materials. What I need to know is what size to make the fire chamber so I have adequate heat to generate the gas that I will need. After I determine what size the fire chamber will be, then I can determine what outer tank to place it in. I need to know width and depth. Here are what I am going to consider powering with the Gasifier. … I doubt that one size of firebox would work for all of these, so please give me information for each - if possible. Thank you!
Here are the vehicles:
Minneapolis Moline Model U Farm Tractor with a 283.7 cubic inch engine. Rated at 40hp.

John Deere 70 Farm Tractor (propane powered) with a 6.2L engine, 50hp.

Massey Harris 44 Farm Tractor 4.3L 6cyl, basically 40hp.

1949 Studebaker 2R10 Pickup Truck 170 cubic inch, 85hp.

1963 Studebaker 3/4 Ton Pickup 289 V8 210hp.

Thank you so much for all of your help.


It pretty much depends on what kind of gasifier you are planning to build. First I’d get the WK book.

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What Tom sayd. Its preety much impossible to give you any information untill you decide on what style gasifier you want to build. Allso, if you want gas/min calculated, write down operating rpm for each engine.


Thank you, It will do more research and get the book that was recommended.


I’d start by going through the detailed calculations provided on gengas,nl if I recall the site name correctly. On this site @gasman, (max) has repeatedly laid out the calculations based on displacement, engine rpms filling ratio etc


Also JamesC, you need to state your wood fuel form you intend to make and use.
Huge differences between the extremes of 16" long fire wood using gasifers (DON"T try this!) versus systems going to best-use compressed formed made up wood pellets.

Even a hearth differences between wood chunks using systems versus using self-made wood chips systems.
Then primarily hardwoods using systems versus primarily softwoods using systems.
Steve Unruh


Thank you everybody. I have a ton of research to do but look forward to it.
I have a tree grove that has cottonwood trees and elm. Those would be my primary fuel source. I realize the higher quality and denseness of the fuel, the better the results. My choice of fuel is made because it is readily available and I don’t have to buy any wood for fuel.


Sounds fine JimC.
Fellows using both of those.
Most likely you have a lot of winter snow and winds brought down to the ground to easy work up. Thinning out to be done.
Search up wood chunkers being made up here on the DOW, too. Many tractor PTO driven.

Steve Unruh

How about some pictures of those Studebakers. I didn’t know Studebaker even made a 3/4 ton truck.


I will post pictures ASAP.
Studebaker made 1/2 ton. 3/4 ton 1 ton 1/12 ton and 2 ton trucks through 1964. Back in the 1920’s they made 3 ton trucks and 15 years earlier they made electric trucks for freight haulers in rail yards.


They made some well respected military trucks that were widely exported.


Thanks Steve,
I will look this information over carefully. You are all very much appreciated!

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