Need help with mechanic question

I have switched batteries so it’s not that. Is the idea about the alternator that the alternator is bad and needs replaced, or that the alternator spiked and the computer needs to be cleared out of limp-home mode with a scanner? Anyone? thanks

stop replacing stuff and get it scanned these computers control everything with you already changing the throttle body drive by wire you will probably half to relearn that at least you will half to find someone with a capabale scanner. just unhooking the battery or changing will only cure some things good luck.


PaulMcC is correct. Even IF you’d had a specif component failure. Guessed right and replaced that component (EGR valve, TempSensor, O2 sensors, TB unit) just the act of running with a bad one . . . . then unplug with key-on VOM testing will have memory-learned BAD stuck in the system.
Sometimes you just have to pony up, pay the price for official bad news. Pay for them to erase/reprogram.

I did some Net experiences on your late model system. No exact problem as yours. And a variety of reasons for no-engine-power.
Every one replacing this throttle-by-(electrical)wire unit had to have a dealer level scanner to put the system into TB unit relearn mode for minimum to maximum throttle plate opening ranges.

Smile-a-bit as Chrysler/Dodge is really one of the more electronic friendly to independent mechanic systems.
Try late model VW, BMW, MB electronics controls for nightmares!!! Family/friends on those I will not even talk to. You wanted highfalutin. Now pay the highfalutin dependencies. “They” gotcha’ good (not) now.
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