Need help with mechanic question

Been working on this one for a while. I finally decided to ask for some help. I have a 2008 Town & Country van. We used it to jump start the truck. After that it will not accelerate. Have replaced the sending unit on the accel. pedal and the electronic throttle body. Have been told that that circuit does not run through the pcm. Fuses are fine, no fusible links bad as far as I can tell.
Does anyone have any idea where/how to figure out what I fried.??? I would appreciate it.

Hey BillyN.
You are two years past my direct Chrysler/Dodge/Jeep dealerships working experiences.

Had Chrysler/Dodge by then converted to a no-cable connected throttle peddle? This would be called a Throttle-By-(electrical)-Wire system.
All of these have three parallel circuit pathways that ALL must agree (for safety) before the actual throttle body mounted position motor will be driven for change from the Powertrain Control Modual.

Jump staring should not have caused a problem IF THE EXACTLY specified hook up sequences was followed. Easy to botch this. Or: if a base hard system problem in the minivan like blue-green battery terminal corrosion jumping can cause weird problems. Or: the jumped to vehicle (the truck) has weird problems; once running kicking AC signal chatter back into the mini-van confusing it into shutting down.

Really. You need to have the mini-van computers scanned with a shop level diagnostic capable scanner for set trouble codes. Many, many in the factory control systems that will not show up on an auto-parts store OBDII readout hand held.

Some throttle-by-wire systems once system part are changed must be put into a special commanded re-learn mode and the foot pedel slowly pressed and released up to three time to re-learn/re-program the system.

Persistence is not luck.
On the try, try, again wisdom . . . with advances automotive systems sometimes that will mean “try” taking it to a dealer or a specialized knowledgeable independent shop.

Honestly. Jump starting for a long time now can only be 100% safely done with a stand-a-lone battery and cables.

J-I-C Steve Unruh


I allways check the easy things first, the only easy thing i know you could check the battery while running for ac voltage in the system, a freind of mine had ac bleading through his altetnator and it created a computor problem, that is posible since it was just jumping a dead vehicle. If the diodes melted too much it will some times charge ac instead of dc intoo the battery and computor. Not sure of the allowable emount of ac on cars with computors too through it out. I replaced his alternator and it ran good after that.The shop told him the alternator was bad.


Good call KevinR.
Back in the good’ol days of the 20th century it was easy to test for this with your VOM on an AC setting looking for no more than an ~100-150 milli-volt reading on a running, charging, DC charging system.
This could be oscilloscope too.
But that was back with analog electronic control systems.
Once to digital, a “gross” AC milli-volt measurement no longer valid. Digital logic controllers need very little ripple power to become confused. Then amplitude ruled. Now with digetal frequncy crossover points are seen as on-off, make-break, 0’s and 1’s.
J-I-C Steve unruh

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i believe steve is onto something have the computer scanned I have come a cross quite a few issues with the Chrysler vans detecting problems and the computer shuts systems down . when I reset the codes all good again a cheap hand held one might work but might not I useally half to do a complete scan of all modules in case something your not even thinking of could be the problem .


Good call on best or might have too take too the shop, as the newer cars are even more senitive too stray voltage including ac from faulty alternators, I havent studyed auto since 2004 since when my shop closed and sent any one too school for one year through Nafta due too the union. After being caught relocating in canida and mexico. Every few years the buisness changed names too pay less and avoid long union ties, they are back building same stuff same building now hireing 10.00 hour not bad as 7.00 hour when i started 1999.since food and gas runs about 200 a month more toltal, not much of a raise for18 years.

Hi steeve i know we have had electronic cars since the late 80’s with computors, so just what years are the begining of the more complex systems you were refering too, most computors have some sort of zero too one or 0&1 logic i thought.since the begining.?

I got one of those bluetooth elm 327 obdII scanners to reprogram the locks on my car and it worked and it cleared codes and such. there is various software you can use with it. But some of the codes may not be listed publicly or in the database for the program.

I would let you borrow it, if you are fairly close. otherwise they are like 10-20 bucks online and it isn’t worth the drive. Handy to have though. The 2012(?) caravans had several issues like alternator, and the Ac system, etc.


KevinR to answer this completely would be far too long with better on-Net articles than I could ever put up.

Much, much more importnat than the analog verus digital is just What & Why they are doing with the commands stuctures.
Before USA 1996 analog/digital was easy to bend to your own uses.
1996 and later OBDII compliant it get much harder, trickier to bend to your will. THAT was one of the goals of OBDII requirements. Record and report tampering with the systems. You pee-loot-er, scofflaw, you.
Other era’s, gets-progressivly-harders; is ~2003-07 with evolving to no-more mechanical connected throttle body’s, but throttle-by-(electrical) wire, CAN-bus, etc. Another step up to you-no-longer-in-control is with the built-in vehicle wifi/satellite connectivity These are to condition you with convenience features to later seamlessly step into remote vehicle command/control/reporting systems acceptance.

So much past a mere technical zero’s and one’s issue is the Freedom & Independence issues.
Folks woodgas to have fuel freedom and independence.
J-I-C Steve Unruh


Hi steve I gess its all part of an agenda too the end of fredom of religion and christianity, end game after all resistance too the one world order is deceived or dead.The big plus is if we are saved through jesus Christ,from the man of sin, too the GOD of Heaven. The computors on cars ect. Are getting far too complicated over time for the reasons you old 80 20 r toyota pickup got 24 mpg with an old carberator, my 22 re computor toyota gets 21 mpg, so much for the emmissions scam crash plan.

Ironically, the gps tracking stuff was added to help prevent car theft to reduce out of control insurance rates or at least that was the public selling point.

The EPA was formed in a large part to help reduce out of control oil imports which was a problem since the 50s and 60s and try to start backing away from coal which we were running out of. The main vein of coal in the east has been gone since the 80s and we already spent like 10B to bail out the industry back in like the 70s.

So honesstly we can probably start backing off stuff like “emergency” gps. however it is embedded in our cell phones as well.


You are both reading your fears into what I’d written.
Not a plot to overwhelm Christians. 60% here where I live are Christians of one stripe or another. Five different Christian churches within/and 5 miles of my town.

Wrong about the EPA and USofA oil imports SeanO.
US was always an oil exported until ~1970. Then quickly a higher and higher % oil importer. The EPA has done some great things in getting the lead out of auto exhaust emissions. Airs are cleaner today than when I was a kid. Waters much cleaner too. Unfortunately once as an entrenched bureaucracy the EPA’ers too much lost concept of diminishing returns on efforts and investments.
And then in the 1990’s used as a hammering-tool for social progressiveness.
I never said a damn thing about fossil coal. Here Washington State we used to have a browncoal steam/electric plant: Centralia Steam Plant. Provided jobs and family wadges into a depressed part of the state. No. No. No matter how clean it could be made - hey! It was coal.
So instead the fruit-loops in the Puget-urban-gut do not conserve enough - keep all of their lights and modern conveniences and Grid supplier’s go with imported natural gas. Imported from Canada.

Really fellows we get the world that “we” majority insist on. And settle for.
Megan Kelly’s book says, “Settle for More”. Meaning quit selling ourselves short. Up-ass and do more for ourselves.
ANY DAMN system they can come up with I can learn to spoof, subvert, bypass.
It is just so much easier to Opt-out, system by system.
MY cell phone has no GPS.
My computers are stand-a-lone, unlinked. I do not need to finger-walk cel home on staus of my washing machine, windows and dog bowl water. And only a disposable, throw-a way, walk-a-way, ever gets Net-connnected.

Ha! Library book I browsed today, “How to Learn to Make Your Modern Electronics Work for You”. I swear I saw a picture of K.V.L.'s work bench in that book. Or, the equivalent.
"The Price of Freedom is eternal . . . " study and hacking the tech to make it slave to you. NOT you slave to it.
The Left and the RIght are both slavers of us. As the song says, “Here I am: stuck in the middle with you.” I like the middle way. “The Middle Way”, a 1970’s book about social choices made in Switzerland and Austria treading between the extermes of “the West” versus, “the East” of that time.
J-I-C Steve Unruh


Yup, that’s my middle name…


We started importing middle east oil in the 50s with the baby boom generation. We had 9 presidents in a row (sans trump) on video state we need to reduce our dependence on foreign oil which go all the way back to the 60s and it could go back to the 50s. Then finally we got screwed in the 70s then we got screwed again in 2005. Because we really don’t have enough oil left to control the -price- like we could in the 50s. The price is actually what kills us economically and cost trillions to get out of the recession.

Lead, mercury, agent orange, smog, etc. fall under the EPA umbrella as well, and you are correct there are multiple goals of the EPA. But efficiency is one of them because the more efficient you are the less you pollute per unit of output. In other words, you can use either argument and they are both correct.

The EPA also targeted coal, especially efficiency because they projected back in the 50s we were going to run out and prices skyrocketed so we installed a ton of nuclear until 3 mile island. Then used the EPA to keep bumping up efficiency and reducing emissions.

I thought it was required for 911 services on all cell phones because people were calling and the 911 wasn’t getting routed correctly to the correct 911. I tried to look it up, but google is failing me right now.

Yes, I agree we need to quit selling ourselves short. We got locked into the mentality of Corporate US was going to save us, but really it just cannibilized all the smaller competing businesses. Corporate America was interested in mass production and the void was filled by small shops in other parts of the world.


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I am pretty sure your right. I know on a smart phone when you shut off gps it only shuts it off for 3rd party stuff the service provider and police can still track your location. Service providers have some weird rights based on the contract.

Lets help out the mechanic with some milk and cooky’s…

Limp mode after jumpstarting another car…?

First place to look: the alternator , is it controlled by the ECU ? if its EMPed then you could got into Limp mode to

It could be the battery acting weird too. The newer version use the battery to run while they are running or else they stall out and die unless you rev them, which isn’t fun in 5 o’clock traffic. Didn’t even get a thank you for that…

If it got too low, or was disconnected, it may have kicked on the anti-theft stuff which is something like turn the key on and off 3 times, then wait ten minutes. then do that two more times, then it will start. I would have to look it up but someone left the lights on in the previous vehicle and had that issue. I wasn’t even offered a ride to go back and pick up my car even though it was a mile away and it was raining…

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Well thankyou from this way. And Call me if you ever need a ride in my neck of the woods…:grinning:


Yup, most possible if the voltage goes critical just after the starter turned…