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Hi All

I’m new to this site and just getting started in gasification, although I’ve read everything I could get my hands on and watch endless videos. I understand that this site focuses on power vehicle, but my initiation project are not focusing on that just yet, but will lead to it with time. So far I’ve build a force air camp stove and a TLUD.
Bought projects turned out pretty good. I’d like my next project to be the Dasifier.

Here is some info → Dasifier - Dick's Foundry Adventures
there is also a video on youtube but I can’t find it right now.

My question is all gasifier design I’v see so far use to cylinders and by the look of things this only uses one
am I right to assume that ? the diagram shows a 4" upper but the picture shows something much bigger.
would a 4" upper work or should I follow the pictures?

I will appreciate any help I can get.

P.S Ultimately my goal is to power a dune buggy

The video using garden path wood chips to melt bronze to cast a bell is located here:
I think the trick on the Dasifier is to use the refrigerator compressor at 150? psi to power the ejector (with very small hole), and have the gas generator close coupled to the refractory holding the bronze. I think the diagram posted by Tom Reed showed two steel paint cans, one on top of the other, with the lid between them cut into pie-shaped pieces and bent downward, and the wood gas removed under these bent-down pieces. Charcoal in the bottom, then wood chips added later in the top can…

So there is no inner burn tube then ok I’ll give that a try with coffee can’s, I’m assuming air tightness between the can is a must ?
I’ve attached a couple of pictures of the actual working dasifier looks a lot different the the diagram

Grate shaker for sure. What are you using for a grate, and how big are the “holes”. I have found with my cook stoves that grate size has a large influence on how well they work, in that they seem to regulate primary air. In the bronze casting video, you can see an area under the grate where the ashes accumulate. I think there is a door there, but also an air inlet? Is that what you see?
The upper tube seems to be a used stovepipe, judging by all the tar on the inside. Post plenty of photos of what you come up with.

For my stoves, on one I have a Computer power supply fan mounted on the bottom 2.5" diameter, it’s made out of two paint can’s 1 big can and one small can. Works well without the fan but I can boil 4 cups of water in about 8 minutes with the fan on. the TLUD uses two layers of chicken wire cage and that also works ok.
As for the Dasifier looks like he has a full paint can upside down the grate must be sitting on the inner lip of the can the a second paint can cut to about 3" braised at the bottom with an opening for ash removal and primary air. Not sure about the door. That is a stove pipe for sure.

couple more pictures

No more input ???

Please gents give me your thoughts on this ?

Ejector? What are you planning to use for the compressed air source? Have you drilled the #80 hole yet? If you use a larger ejector, a little air compressor will not be able to keep up with it. It appears that there needs to be an access port so you can clean any crud that develops on the little tube that forms the heart of the ejector. What do you have sofar? Agua Das likes to use recycled items that can be easily replaced. In the Yahoo Woodgas group there are some photos of a downdraft gasifier being used to fire a pottery kiln. Look for files by Onerror. (or something close to that.)