Never Used Victory Gassworks Gassifier & chunker

Hello! I’m in North Idaho. The gassifier purchased around 2011 new, about 12k invested. I know nothing about these, except what was paid and where it came from. The chunker is homemade and needs a motor and blade and was tested when built. The situation is unfortunate and I need to sell. You would need to arrange pick up. Please make your best offer. Pictures upon request. 360.520.1618

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Welcome to the DOW NadineM.

Yes pictures please. Even if only 2011 VictoryGasWorks reference pictures. Your system could have been one, of 3-4 sizes possible.
Engine use applications will vary.
Actual site picture please crop out visible location features. We all do.
And once you get a serious offer you can take direct communication over to this site’s Personal Messaging feature.
AdminChris keep that as safe and secure as possible.

I was at VGWS in 2011. Not sales. Not Production. Research and development. And eye-candy presentations. I would try to fill-in any technical questions.

You will get this sold. Not Luck. Persistence.
Steve unruh

Hi Steve! I’m not literate with the listing features.
Could you walk me thru it! :woman_facepalming::woman_shrugging:

Open up either arrowed Reply buttons to open up the posting diaglog box.
Top of that box is a tool bar.
the tool shaped as a horzontal rectangle with an arrow upwards is the picture loading tool.
It will search your computer for your pictures files. Three steps to manually select a picture; then Choose; then Load .

I do not “drag and drop” or direct link, pull off the general Internet so others would have to help you with that.
I did check and all of the old VGW pictures links I have referred others to, are no longer supported.
Some pictures here on the DOW embedded into different folks topics. Searched up by the magnifying glass search tool at the top of this interchange page.
My own Victory model hearth.
Two different OffGridders.
No pictures here of the last VictoryGrid systems; VictroyXL’s; or earlier Woodies here.
Price you quote and I cannot ID. As a loaded Hottwatt system would have sold the same as a bare-bones VictoryXL hearth only.
Steve Unruh


There is an icon, in the reply box with a arrow pointing up for upload (7th icon from the left) Then it will pop up a dialog for inserting your picture. You can also add it to the original post by editing it.

I wish your circumstances were better and you could utilize it, but I understand.