New Guy in Kansas City Go Royals!

Hello Fellow Woodgasers ! Guess this is my informal How’do ya do ! I’d like ta introduce myself, my name is Brian Morton (Better known as Big Brian) . I Received Wayne’s Book in the Mail Today. (Thanks Wayne) I’ve Been Reading the forum for a few months a have been bitten hard by the woodgas bug. Ben tough to scratch up enough penny’s for the membership. Being Poor don’t help. Health problems eat up all the Money so scratch together parts n pieces of this n that to build what I and the Family need to survive. I can Build or Fabricate anything you can imagine out of Metal (mostly scrap) but, heck I couldn’t build a dog house outa wood ta save my life.
I learned of Woodgas back in high school History class, was kinda fascinated how they got them Tanks and big’ole Deuce and a Half’s to run on Wood ! 15 years later I started experimenting with Alternative Energy Solar, Wind, Hydrogen HHO, Had the dream of becoming independent of the Gasoline/ Elect Grid Anchor. Fiddled with that for a few years and came to the Understating thats a Very Very big Dream. Years ago I Read Mother Earth News about Woodgas. Then I Saw cable TV’s TLC channel show "The Colony " and a few Dozen Videos on YouTube and Realized That’s what I am Going to Focus on. Heck I Build Wood Stoves All the Time How much harder can it be ? Once I saw a YouTube Video of Waynes Truck I was hooked. So Far I’ve only Built a few TLUD stoves out of Paint Cans and whatknot. If I can ever Get All my other Chores done around the house and in between the World Series Baseball Games I Plan to Start Building a Full Sized WK for Transportation in the Back Seat of my Jeep Wrangler … GO ROYALS !!!

Of all alternative energy sources I have dabbled in, woodgas is by far the most rewarding!