New Here

New Here

Just saying hello, for now

Greetings Rick,

Good to have you here. I’m about a week away from driving on wood. Come and join us.


Yeah. I am far from that venture (driving on wood).

For now, I’ll be happy to get a gasifier to power a 5-10kw generator. I live in Louisiana and we just had a hurricane. Within the past decade, we had some devastating ones.

The main focus, beside flood protection, is emergency power.

I know a few people with natural gas going into their home which they have a residential generator using that as a fuel source.

Then, there are those like myself, who have to use gasoline in our generators.

Not only is this costly, but when power goes out, so does the power to gas stations/pumps, creating no means to re-supply


PS. I am looking to change my member name to just RickG, who can help me with this?

Welcome Rick, many of us are thinking gen-set, and several here are doing it now, so you will find lots in common here. Chris Saenz is our web-master/wood gasifier extrodinare and I’m sure he will catch your request for a name change.

Welcome to the site Rick! We respectfully ask that you do use a first and last name. The terms of service are here:

As a community we like to get to know each other, not as anonymous users, but real people that you will likely meet someday. Not only does using your name help distinguish you from the other Ricks on here, but requiring real names keeps everyone accountable for their actions. Spammers and trolls don’t stand a chance. As a result this is one of the friendliest forums you will ever participate in.

Thanks for your understanding on this.

You see, it is easy to “google” a name and it will show any internet activity.

I have people who I do not care for them to take notice what I am up to.

I had a troll follow me on every forum my name pops up on

Which is why I choose to remain anonymous

If I cannot get a name change, then, I would rather be deleted from the forum.

Thanks for your understanding on this.

Rick, emailed you off forum. Thanks.