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This seems like a good place to say hello. I have been lurking and reading forus since last fall when I found this site so I feel that some of the people here are not strangers to me. I have been interested in wood gasification since reading about it in mother earth years ago. It’s exciting to find hands on people who are not only dreaming, but doing and improving the art and process. I build handcrafted log homes in southern Colorado and work with a local sawmill so getting wood is not a problem. I plan to build a gasifire to power a generator for tools and possibly a large one for the sawmill. I would love drive on wood but I live at 8300 feet in foothills of the rockys so I have to go up or down hill a lot. Some thing I saw in one of the forums, I think by Mr Keith made me realize it would be hard to control the temperature of a gasifire in this case. Any advice about this would be great. Thank you all for the information and inspiration I have already gotten from this site.

Good morning Mr. King and welcome to the DOW.

If you are driving in the mountains about half the driving on the gasifier will be effortless ( down grade )

As a rule of thumbs running 100% wood gas you will loose about 30% power . With the right vehicles and adding in gasoline when needed one can easily blend with any ambient traffic climbing mountains .


Wayne thanks for the welcome, from you it means a lot. My biggest concern is not making tar on long generally down hill runs (2000 feet elevation in 35 miles to go to town) with an engine and gasifire large enough to go back without to much non wood fuel or to many mad drivers behind me. We all know each other here. Sorry about the break. Hit the wrong button and don’t know how to get it to go back. Thank you Fred

If this is the new menbers section, then I am in the right place. I should introduce myself. Dan Breeden. i’ve spent a lot of time on the boards but, mostly on the free energy forums. I made a half-hearted attempt at building wood gas from the FEMA PDF for tractors. I’m in the north side of Los Angeles. Also, have a log house in Bend, Or that I built from scratch. I built the boom truck and sawmill and log trailer. I hauled in 240 tons of standing dead lodgepole. I build my own vehicles when I can’t find what I want. Built my own pontoon boat. Built a 4wd buggy from a 4wd Subaru donor. I’ve got all the usual tools including a vertical mill and a lathe.
I traveled by road a lot; north, central and south America, Asia and India, Europe and Australia, Alaska (7 trips) and Canada, middle East. I Even went to Burning Man

I’ve got experience in all the construction and fabrication trades. I’ve been writing about the economy for 8 years. It doesn’t look good. The place in Bend doesn’t have a long growing season so, I bought 10 acres near Myrtle Point Or.
I want to build a wood gas truck because the oil situation is going to turn ugly now that fracking is shutting down. The glut won’t last for long. I can put together any engine that i want. I just need ideas about basics. I switch around different cc heads to get the final compression rate that I need.
I’ve rebuilt a dual-fuel enging ( IH ) that had a FI pump and carburetor and spark plugs and fuel injectors. It used a third valve to open a chamber and dump compression when it was on gas. Switched to diesel, it closed the valve, rotated the FI pump and lifted the float in the carburetor. Pretty whacky.
I need to find the best block to start with. Then, the best heads, etc. I can get any old truck and make it work.
I bought Waynes book but haven’t cracked yet. I will, I will. I’m just maxed out trying to get ready for bad times.
If any one has a suggestion for an engine and compression ratio, that would give me something to start with.
Thanks, Dan

Good morning Mr. Breeden and welcome to the site.

The below links have a lot of information on choosing a vehicle


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New here as well, hopefully this goes into the right spot - I’m new to this style of forum. I’m another Lurker who finally decided to sign up. It was Wayne’s Youtube vids that got me interested in gasification again. I loved to see him actually putting gasification to practical use on the farm! It was refreshing to see a gasifier destined to do some actual work as opposed to collecting dust in the corner of the garage. Not to mention his personal effort in refining his design into something real-world practical.

I have a few ideas of my own I’m going to bounce off the membership here, a different gasifier design, and more talk of an engine built just for wood gas (I am a car guy/drag racer like a few others here already).