New productive season

Almost time to come out of hibernation, still a foot of crust/ice/snow on the fields but that will be gone in a few weeks unless the weather really hates me. I have a barrel of coarse charcoal to grind, a grinder to do it with and most of a gasifier built. I am sure Dave Baillie will help me get rid of any extra charcoal that is cluttering up the place since he wants to plow on charcoal this spring but I would like to actually accomplish something with the time I have put into this new hobby.( obsession )


Now now Wyatt, you’re a busy man. Don’t fret; I’ll take that charcoal off your hands so you don’t have to worry about it…

Thanks for the offer Dave but I should be able to get to it, maybe early on a weekday afternoon.

Damn you! The whoes of the working man…

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Couple hours directly south of you two and the snow and most of the ice is gone - replaced by mud. Mostly above zero during the day.

I just got the hammer mill back together with 10 new hammers, and the 50 remaining flipped to a new cutting edge. A new blower drive belt and it’s pretty much ready to rock.

First crack at a real gasifier is looming…