New Project-Firetubes available

I finally got my hands on some firetube pipe. I had to buy a minimum size piece of 10’ 4". I’m keeping two 18" and a 22". With the ovaled part I had to cut off, I have (3) 18" pieces for sale if anyone needs firetube. This is 12-3/4" OD with 1/4" wall. 18" weighs about 50 pounds. It can be shipped UPS or FedEx by just putting a sticker on it I believe. An 18" firetube is $50.00 plus shipping or can be picked up if you’re close to Fulton,IL 61252. As a special deal (while the tubes last) I will trade one tube for enough 1-1/4" heavy banding (15" long pieces) to do one firetube.


Good deal! No more excuses fellas… get a tube and get welding.

I would be interested in one of these if you still have one avail.

Joseph H.

Good Joseph! Another Michigander. Welcome to the discussions. Looking forward to maybe meeting you sometime.

Imagine the size of the parade over here !!!

Aye, likewise Don, I have watched your build closely. Thanks for the welcome. Not sure if Terry still has these firetubes or not but if you do I will get you as much cut to size (15 inch) banding you want, however the kind I get is 3/4 inch wide.


Still have a fire tube?

yes, I still have firetube. I found a good source for the banding I need, so I’m good there.
If anyone needs firetube I have a couple left. you can email me at:
[email protected].


For anyone looking for 1 1/4" banding. The area lumber yards around here throw that stuff in a big bin because it is unruly to handle. They give you all you want. Might be worth a call to your local lumber yard.

Disregard TJ, found a tube. :smile:

I know the last reply is nearly 7 months old. OP, do you still have firetube available? Looking to buy a 22" firetube.