New solar panels at wholesale prices

I want to bring to the attention of this group that there are 98 crates of new commercial solar panels for sale near Nashville, TN. They are 235 watt panels that were shipped to fill a contract with GM to install on charging stations. The contract was cancelled and the builder is liquidating them. Each crate is $2500 for 25 panels rated for 5.875 kW. Discounts are available for bulk purchases. I bought one crate for myself and I can facilitate the purchase of smaller quantities.


Generally new panels cost around $1 per watt so this is a good deal.

Hi brian…what is the discount for more than one crate…??

Thanks Peter

Let me find out and get back to you. They are not selling very quickly.

It is $2000 per crate for more than one.

I am interested in 2 crates
Can you check on shipping to Kent Washington 98042?

Do you need liftgate service (residential delivery) or will you have a forklift?

Lift gate needed
What does a crate weigh? My neighbor has a tractor with front loader

Each crate weighs 1100 lbs. They are four feet wide and six feet deep.

A front loader will work if you clamp forks onto them. Six feet long forks.

Alternatively you could break the crates down and have your neighbor help you unload them one by one by hand. I unloaded my panels off of my dump trailer this way. Have the truck driver back up to your garage, cut the two plastic straps on the crate and unload them from the truck one at a time. They weigh 41 lbs each.

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Without liftgate service YRC said $1116 for two crates delivered Standard LTL from Nashville to Kent WA. The website said that liftgate service is not available for these crates. That means you would have to pick them up at a commercial address. Or if the carrier is willing, unload them by hand off the truck. Standard LTL is eight days to deliver.

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That is such a good deal, but since i still heat with wood and a typical electric bill is $50/month it just doesn’t make sense to spend 6 to 7 thousand at age 71 especially in the cloudy rainey pacific NW

Thank you for the information

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More than $7000. I spent $2500 on panels, $2000 on two inverters, and at least $1200, probably $4000 on batteries.

Very interested. Brian, I sent you an email.

Chris if you keep an eye on craigslist the wholesalers seem to post them there somewhat regularly at reasonable prices. There are a few deals closer to me I have been watching. But at the moment my project is on hold.
If your power company does netmettering it will pay off pretty quick because you can buy panels with a grid tie inverter. If you need to buy batteries it can be a different story.

I found their sizing calculator to be pretty good.

Are you seeing them at or below 35 cents a watt? This seems like an unusually good deal.

42 cents to 55 cents is what I have been seeing. I missed the 42 cent deal and then my personal situation changed so I can’t pick them up right now anyway. It is probably close enough to you that you can make the trip and load up and make a test run with that nice new oak truck body. My only word of caution comes in with shipping them. If I buy new from Alt E store in the Boston area they will ship to me free of charge. The point being shipping makes it more complex.
I did see a great deal on used and damaged panels up in VT. They where actually free but by the time I saw the add someone had grabbed them.

Chris this place also has some good deals.
I have never ordered from them but a few people I trust have recommended them.

That is a good price. My concern would be what kind of 235 watt are they? We have not used 235 for 3 years or more. We are currently selling 300 watt 60 cell panels at retail for singles for 65 cents US per watt… with waranty and freight to the store. These panels are 2 generations newer then the 235 panels. My concern comes from are they 235 grade a or 260 270 watt panels that did not make the grade. Manufacturers rebadge them lower if they don’t make their original specs. If it’s ground mount it does not really matter I suppose but buy some spares just in case. My two cents…
Cheers, David