New to gasifiers and EXCITED! :)

I just learned there was such a thing as a gasifier and creating gas from wood. Needless to say i was hooked immediately. I do tree work for a living so I have an endless supply of fuel. Ive been obsessively learning about gasification every chance I get lol. I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos. I’m looking forward to being the first one in my town driving on wood gas. I’ve already made a couple trips to the junk yard to get supplies for my gasifier. I’m anxious to build my first one but wanna be picky to build a good one the first time. I’ve been scouring the internet for good designs and of course I want to drive my truck with it. I just ordered Wayne Keith’s book because he’s design seems pretty great but also he seemed like a good man. I can’t wait to get it!!! It said I get 6 months premium service with it to I guess join the club but I didn’t see anyway to use it or log in I guess. Anyway I’m rambling on here but I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello :slight_smile:


Welcome to the site Elijah.
Lucky for you, you came to the right site. A lot of vehicles have been built with Wayne’s design. There’s a strong community of daily drivers here. Keep collecting stuff, search this site and ask questions.


Welcome too DOW, i bought my HWWT book the same reason as you, seeing Waynes vidios you just no he aint no bull, and is a good person not a scammer.Gasification really is a good thing too learn,You will enjoy the ride.


Welcome Elijah.
I’m pretty much brand new to all of this also, but you’ll find that everyone here is a giant help and always respectful.
My biggest recommendation is to read, read and then read some more! Somewhere on here is a glossary that will help in figuring out all the acronyms used, possibly someone will post a link for it?
I know it didn’t take long at all before I decided to buy the book/membership and am finding the book is some great info that is written so the common guy can understand it. I’m just guessing on this but think that buying the book/membership helps keep the lights on for this site, so you’ve already helped out some.


Good morning Elijah.

Welcome to the DOW

If you are in the tree business you will be blessed with wood ( fuel) . About 15 - 20 pounds of dry wood has the energy value of a gallon of gasoline . You probably deal with tons of wood each day :grinning:

What part of Missouri are you located ? Lot of good folks in Missouri into gasification .

The you tube video that you referred to in your email to me is 6 years old

I have driven the truck just about every day in this six years . Almost 32,000 miles now . I drove it last night and will be driving it today also .

Warning. If you get hooked on gasification it may be hard to kick the habit :grinning:


Welcome to the wonderful site of gasification Elijah. There has been a lot of new improvements in the last couple years, make sure you read the book and ask a lot of questions. Everyone here is wants your build to be a first-time success for you…


I also would like to welcome you to our group. You have picked up some good ‘‘obtainium’’. The material would lend it’s self to building an Imbert (which is what I have ) type gasifier. But for a full size truck, you can’t beat Mr Wayne’s design and you will not find any plans as complete. You are of course going to want to follow the instruction. But be aware there have been some good modifications and you may only find them in a section for active members. Be sure to visit that section along with studying the book. TomC


Thank you everyone for responding :slight_smile: I’m gonna wait until I receive my book and look it over good before asking to many questions. I’ll try to learn how to navigate this website better and learn more in the meantime. I plan to get started right away. I’m decent at fabricating and welding so I shouldn’t have to many problems doing the building aspect of it. “hopefully I’m not shooting myself in the foot by saying That lol” Wayne, I live in Hannibal, MO. It’s in Northeast Missouri. I’m about an hour and a half North of St.louis. Hannibal is on the Mississippi river. Home of Mark twain everything. Glad to hear there are people in my area who are into gasification. Maybe we can meet up some day. Also glad to hear your truck is still going strong that’s awesome! So I do have one question. Can I now look through the premium members stuff or will my premium membership come with the book? Thanks again! :slight_smile:

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Hello Elijah.

Chris will be flipping the switches very soon. This computer stuff is way over my head but I’m sure he will be right with you .

In the mean time here is a link you may want to look over also you can go to the library and do a lot of reading

. Library / Woodgas Donor Vehicle | Drive On Wood!

I know very much where Hannibal is . I even burn a little wood hanging around there while visiting Mark Twain childhood place on the river bank . I noticed the high water mark of the flood ( forgot what year ) Wow that must have been some flood !

Back a few years ago I put on some demos at Truman state university in Kirksville and came through there . Found a truck stop near Palmyra with real good eating .


Wow Wayne, small world! The truck stop is called the 18wheeler. It is pretty good eating. I don’t know if you was there after the renovation but they did a pretty neat job with it. There’s a semi trailer inside that the cooks cook in. And a Harley Davidson hanging from the ceiling. And ahh yes, the flood of 93. That was a heck of a flood. I was a kid so I actually enjoyed it. I was swimming all over the place. Catchin catfish,crawdads and everything else I could get my hands on. The bridge that goes to Illinois was closed so anyone that worked over there or vice versa had to add a couple hours to get to work. My dad was working water pumps for a business trying to keep the water down for awhile after work. I believe we have a different levy in place now days. So far so good. Hopefully that continues. Wish I would have discovered gasifier’s a little sooner I would have liked to catch your demo. If you decide to do anymore close by I’ll be there. Thanks for the link I’ll check it out. :slight_smile:

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Welcome aboard! I just put down my first 30 miles on Wayne’s design today, and found it to be lots of fun! I think youve picked the right site and good job on ordering the book! I didnt realize just how valuable the membership is until i started reading up on the builds here. When you get your membership, read up on wayne’s '95 build and any other of his newer builds. They contain a lot of useful upgrades. Have fun and gasify!



Hey Elijah, you are so right about Wayne being a good man. May be the reason his gasifier design works so well ;~)

What is your platform? That is what model, year, and engine is in your sights?

One word of advice is don’t expect perfection out of the gate. Expect that you will be tinkering some (more like a lot) to get the first one right including learning how to drive it.

Like riding a bicycle, it keeps getting easier the more you do it ;~)

Many great gasifier folks in MO. If you ever get down Springfield/Branson way please stop in to chew the fat. Welcome aboard and BBB!