New to me tractor

Picked this up. Had to clean the carb to get it to run. Fan belt blew once we got it to where its gonna spend most of its life.
I need to fix a bunch of the wiring and make the alternator charge the battery.
I think I will wood gas it. But as its mine I’ll be taking my time.
Massey Harris Pacer. 21hp. 1.5 l engine.


Hi Arvid, It’s been a while. Ain’t she pretty! does it still have a generator on it? mine had long since been changed to an alternator which works great.

Looks to me like that has already been swapped to a GM alternator. You can see that it is definitely an automotive alternator in the front it has the cooling fans and larger shape of an alternator not the long black body with no fan of an old generator.

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Yes it has an alternator on it. It wasn’t charging so took it off. I suspect it’s more if a ground issues than there being something wring with it. I’ll get a new belt. Replace a bunch of yhe wires and see how it behaves.


Some of those old single wire alternators have an additional wire or screw you need to tie to the starter solenoid so they will get exited at startup. I have one of those on my allis Chalmers D15 and it is problematic I debate swapping it out.

Yup. I planned an making sure all the wiring gets set right

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I would like to make a charcoal setup for that type of older tractor with the air intake out of the hood. To tie in all you have to do is remove the coarse dome screen and clamp onto the air pipe. With a fixed bracket on multiple tractors and a reasonably light gasifier I could see me being able to swap out one unit.

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