New to site,need plans to run small generator

I would like to start with a small gasifier to run an old generator I have. It has a Techumsa 5hp motor I believe it doe not say anywhere on the motor. The generator is belt driven I believe 1500 watts AC.
any suggestions on burn tube dimensions I was thinking of down scaling wayne,s plan to size but not sure of the burn tube dimension.

Eventually I would like build one to run a Honda 2200 generator.

you could start with something like my friend Stephen’s Victoria…

I have some line drawings located in my photo section…

Welcome to the site

Hi Karl,
I’m kind of sounding like a broken record here, but running this engine using a charcoal gasifier would be very easy. This is the same size engine on my log splitter and charcoal gas is the only fuel I use to run it now. A Simple-fire design is easy to make and at least get you started down the road of gassing on wood. Look in the files section located under the “forum” tab. Then look for Simple-fire.
Hey, it is fun!

I decided to try the simple fire method but first I will have to get some barrels to make charcoal.

Last year at ARGOS I had a wood char gassifier that Gary Gilmore helped me get going everyone was so nice and helpful last years model had legs on it but this year new and improved this one has wheels a whole lot nicer to move around I have had it run 4 hours it may last longer I’ve never let it run itself out of fuel I run a 5000 watt generator with it I will have it at ARGOS look me up.
I will try to send photos when the paint dries hope I see you at the meeting. Dan

Karl here are the pictures of the gasifier I told you I’d send you. What do you think?

Looks great, The last month or so I have been working on making charcoal after I built a retort. It looks like you used a gas water heater tank I would like to have more info on materials used like type of hoses and such.

Well this his my first post on here in over two years and I’ve missed this site loads of information and everyone seems so friendly and eager to help.
Reason I’m writing is that I’m taking a long sabbatical at my cottage and gas prices are crazy here in Northern Quebec, Canada.
I have over the years spent many hours looking at gasifiers and I have a solid theoretical understanding of how they work.

I had decided years ago to build a victoria style gasifier as it seems to be a solid entry level project and was/is recommended by many people.
I have some basic diagrams and seen a few incomplete blogs that were somewhat help full but what I need really is the complet picture can someone guide me to that info ???

Keep sharing pls helps the newbees like me

I love you gasifier built do you have more info on it
especially the condenser/cooler unit ???

Keep up the good work

Hey Karl Hugues,
Sorry about the delay in getting back to you been having health issues in the family we have four in the hospital at the same time .
I used the design of the Simple Fire put it in a 100# propane tank then I bought the cyclone and cooler from Matt at Vulcan Gasifier you will need to buy a fan motor from a auto parts store .I built a new one with wheels this year but no time to make wood char I have pictures close up but can’t upload will try again later.Thanks for your interest Dan

Hi Danny
Sorry to hear about your health problem, hope you are feeling better.
As for the condenser I thought it looked familiar, I’ve been buggy Matt for a few years now to become his Northern Canada branch, but he’s
not biting “YET” I guess I have to prove myself first. So a couple of weeks ago "after a long awefull IT (information technology) contract with Bell Canada.
I’ve decided to call a day and get out of the rat race.

I will dedicate this year to put in practice what I’ve been studying for so long. I moved to my cottage and will spend the next month or two. Getting a everything I need to get going (I’m off the grid so power first) then proper heat, then welding gear and a shop…!

Stay tune Matt … lol

Thanks again Danny

Hi HughB
On your last comment.
Take a page out from my good old friend Mobile Bob over in the MicroCoGen.
Since you want to weld anyhow. Want to start out off grid. Cottage living.
Search out and source and old commercial Miller or Lincoln engine driven welder/generator. For a price down condition not all that important as long as it IS all in one piece - NOT disassembled.
He’d buy these as old, old not runnable for $300-800. USD when living in the Puget Sound region in Washington State. Engine problem might just be needs rings and a valve grind to maybe up to a broken crankshaft. You should pass on anything you cannot hand turnover.
Welder/gen head could be just a bad capacitor, internal blown fuse, work loosened connections, lots of worn brushes to to burnt up windings. You can see/smell burnt up winding - pass on these too.
He’d fix them up to running and then resell them to off-grid guy and gals wanting.
“The heavyduty generator that can weld too” Give then the Miller and Lincoln web sites for advice and parts.

Big box store/Princess Auto engine generator set and then you have to buy the welder separately. Then FIND you needed a bigger gen-set. Send back the welder for something that your generator CAN power. Then be little welder unhappy. Now actually hard use that gen-set welding and it dies. You find NO parts service info. So fall back on your Process Auto “free” replacement. Always traveling back and forth exchanging still without reliable power. Consumer caught, merry-go-round, frustrated.

Now just tell me with your telecom work you did not become accustomed to commercial levels of reliability?

I finally took his advice years later of chicken and the egg off-grid welding incapability and did get a Miller engine driven welder/generator. Found working rentals companies Millers selling off units for $1000 to $1500 USD.

Anybody want a nice made in Italy ESAB welder cheap - like FREE just for the shippng??
One of the made in Italy transformer cast cores got “Big Brown” many times dropped and shattered. ESAB - USA does not recognize it as theirs. The Italian manufacturer is now defunct.
Orphaned now.
The nice digetal displays still read out.
A $$$$ mistake bid and won on by me. I am keeping the very nice three gases marked regulator and flow valve. Had that overhauled and certified.
Ha! Serious about this. Anybody want as a fixit projct PM me with your address and I’ll get back with you on UPS/FED-EX/USPS shipping costs. AND I KNOW HOW TO PACKAGE AND SHIP WITHOUT further DAMAGE!!
TIG/stick 180 amp AC-DC power head. Foot switch. Torch head. No manuals or gas bottle.

Steve Unruh

A comment on a miller welder/genset
We have a older miller at work we brought back to life for the cost of a bridge rectifier around $8 US if I remember correctly. Using it hard welding and grinding at a remote location also took brand new grinder with. About 1/2 day into job grinder smoked. POS took back and exchanged for different brand. Next day same story and the next day. Being the manly men we are finally succumbed to reading the water and rust stained manual. That 120v outlet was for heating elements only due to widely varying voltage and frequency. Be careful

Good to know TomW
First hand feedback is always the very best.
Not sorry at all that I brought this up. Ha! Ha! Got you to feed in the first-hand OPPS!
Never could understand why so many are so shy about egg-facing admitting. Nice not to see others so $'s hurt, in the learning.

As I understand it the older Millers and still the new lowline versions have the welder and charging output windings and armature fields shared. Heavy use on one will directly affect the other.
I’m guessing with your “we” you had a lot of two man welding and grinding going on.
Even the new machines with these combined systems work much better solo operating. Screws up the poor welder man for arc stability dualing out as I understand it.
I paid more for the higher line machine that has separate windings, armature field with two rotor lobes and brushes for the 120/240 power side. LH side of the picture. Welding side is separately wound, four pole field and brush set up as a true full three phase welder. RH side of the picture. Total system IS engine power/RPM limited to a total both sides combined 12,000 watt usage though. After years trying DYI cheaper ways I just cashed-in, sold off enough to ponied-up to be able to put that part of a system as checked off: DONE.
One of two diesel to be woodgased project engines sold off now - the big green thumper/hopper with the variable compression.
I also have this one left a nice big two belt, 2x eight groove custom “serpentine” ( using diesel truck poly-groove belts) 11" pulley freed up now - available for anyone needing.
Browning split bushing to shaft affixing. ~60 pounds.

Hi Steve / Tom

Wish I would have read this earlier, I just order and Mig welder from Princess Auto this morning and I’m picking up a King Gasoline genset next weekend already made a 50% deposit on it with no return …! Well I will try my luck with that first but will keep my eyes open for a Miller or Lincoln / genset system in the area.

Thanks for the info

I am not sure a 5hp would stoke up a Victoria adequately. That is Isabella’s territory: