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I am a newbie. I have studied making and using wood gas enough to understand quite a bit of the principles. I will carefully read and study through the posts on the forum and will only ask questions that I have that are already not addressed in this forum. Thank you all for putting such a nice resource out there for all of us.
I farm with antique tractors and my work truck is a 1949 Studebaker, I have both gasoline and propane fueled tractors to play with as well. I have a bountiful supply of wood and an adequate work shop, so I am all in.
I am in Nebraska, Thank you for this forum!


Hi James, welcome to DOW. If you have a question just ask it. You would have to first read everything on this site to come up with a question that has not been asked and answered before. There is a live time of reading here on this site in just gasification alone and more being added daily.


Welcome, James. This is a good place to be. Iā€™m sure you will enjoy the experience, learn a lot, and find many eager to help.

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Welcome to the DOW JimC.
Try here for some general reading:

Steve Unruh


Where in Nebraska are you located? 49 Studebaker hmm


I am near Hershey Nebraska. I have a bunch of daily users that are out of the 1940ā€™s and 50ā€™s. Farm trucks, tractors and cars. I plan on running several with wood gas if I can.

If you can weld, you will have no problem, building, as there are many nice building ideas in the preamium side or DOW , after you perchase the book minimum, or the life time member if you like, Not all can aford the premium right away.

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Thanks for the info. I am getting the book asap. It will help me very much I am sure