New to the site. Need to build a gasifier for my ford ranger

I’m looking for a simple design that will run my ford ranger truck
I am having a hard time finding some one in St Louis MO that has built one that I could copy

Need help.


Welcome Ryan Garland
2-3 fellows here have converted different Ford Ranger pickups and driving on woodgas.
In the general “Search” box upper LH corner here putting in “Ranger gasifier” yields two pages of links to discusions of their systems. Then if you click these open you can read. Also if you click open thier blue highlighted names it will take you to their members pages and you can go back to their recent posts and read for thier thought/details of their different systems.

To get a responce to your inquiry you will need to repost listing:

  1. Your year, wheelbase model, engine size, 2wd versus 4wd, and transmission type. Makes a difference on system sizing.
  2. Your intended driving style - city, rural, highway, with or without loads and towing. Makes an even bigger difference on system fuel gas .
  3. Your available wood fuel in species and how you intend to prepare it - chunked, chipped, etc. This will make a difference on the system type and your effective capability to “Feed the Beast”.

We will have to convince you that on a vehicle system there ain’t no such thing as simple.

Again welcome and Regards
Steve Unruh

Ok here is the data regarding the truck

yr: 2005
2 wheel drive
Eng 2.8 ltr
Driving is going to be highway 90% of the time. I currently drive 2 hours one way to Work and Im not planning on pulling anything.

I only will be chunking my wood

You can see my comments on my Ranger here.

hi woody
Did you use a wk style in your ranger?
I want to get started on mine soon as things slow down a little
i’m going to try to down size waynes design
we had a big power outage 9 days my modified china unit saw a lot of use
it had some problems mostly i was pulling it to hard i think it seemed to make good gas but the choke failed even though it was stainless it’s not very adjustable
do you run a full size unit on your ranger?

Hi Tom,
I posted the ranger specs. at the link above a few days ago.
BBB Sean


Yes I have the WK style on the Ranger. It is almost a year old and works perfectly. I can run a V8 on down to an Onan 18hp genset. It is a lot of work but worth every minute. I burn about 1/2 pound of wood to the mile and can cruise at 65 mph all day and all night with the AC on. Not bad for a 2.3 liter 4 cylinder engine with 140 hp and does the 0 to 60 test in 15 seconds on gasoline and will do 0- to 60 on wood gas in 36 seconds.

Welcome to the site!!
It was great to have you stop by this evening and go for a ride on wood.
I asked Woody not to drive too fast I wasn’t with them but Ryan said later that they were going 75mph no speeding tickets on this run.
Wayne I think he’s got the fever real bad now and will be building a truck real soon. BBB Sean

Hey Sean,

Thank for the picture.

When one goes for that first ride on wood and realize all gasoline is turn off and you are still cruising down the road, it just feels a little like magic.

I had some folks over Monday and took them for a ride. An older gentleman said he couldn’t wait to get to church and tell about this. Although I doubt many will believe him.

All I can say is, stand back none believers.


LMAO / SWEM … Mike … Checking out Mars tonight with the now, severe drought, skies are perfectly clear … Afraid to light off the car even though it’s contained …

Hey all, I just got back from 1 wk at Virginia Beach. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

Ryan, you found a great site.

“We will have to convince you that on a vehicle system there ain’t no such thing as simple.”
Well said Steve!

I probably researched WG for about 6 months before starting anything. Even then I started small (lawnmower).

Mike, for the last two months weve only got 3/4" a week and a half ago.