New user question?

I paid $50 for Wayne’s book and 6 months premium membership. How do I access the premium membership?
Sorry if this is a dumb question but this is frustrating.

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@Chris has to activate your premium membership manually, he’s a pretty busy guy. Plenty of material to check out outside of the premium area.


Ok, thank you for the response. I will be patient then. I have been fighting this all morning.
At least I know I didn’t mess up.

I have read everything and watched most you tube videos before I even became a member I am mostly after Wayne’s designs for my V10 dodge. I am currently sitting here surrounded with parts waiting to start my build and his book? Lol.


As soon as you get in the premium side, get your book out and there is a full build video series to watch, it brings together everything real nice to see it as it gets built. Once you do that, hop over onto the Wilbur Smith build thread and see the updates that have been done since the book and videos have been done


Thanks Markus. I am bitting at the bit to get started. Most of the stuff is older on you tube. I am excited to see the updated versions of the older video’s.


Hey is there anyone that has a running truck near Fayetteville Arkansas or Tulsa Oklahoma? I would love to see someone’s equipment in person before I start my build?