Newbie bio/intro

I’ve been interested in alternative energy for some time, although wood gasification is fairly new to me. I am interested partly because of my scientific curiousity, partly because I like the idea of being energy independant, and lastly because I’m just- well- cheap :slight_smile: I’m not an engineer or scientist by trade but I understand scientific principles well for a layman. Professionally, I am an electromechanical technician for the US Postal Service. I’ve done welding and fabrication in a past job so I am comfortable, if a bit rusty, with metal working. I spend my “recreational” time(including most of my vacation time) designing and building various projects and modifying stuff. My last project was a SEVTEC hovercraft(professionally designed)that I built three years ago, so I am looking for something new to play with. I am impressed with the level of knowledge and cooperation I’ve seen on this forum and some other sites and would like to be involved in that. Being a newbie I don’t have a lot to offer yet so I’ll mostly just listen in on the forum. Thanks ahead of time for sharing your knowledge with me. Kevin G in Green Bay (anybody interested in buying a hovercraft :))

Welcome to the site Kevin! Woodgas is a wonderful green technology - keeps the green in your pocket where it belongs.

Kevin post some pics of your hovercraft you built.