Newbie from canada

You might notice the end of the V block comes almost to the end of the nozzles. And the blocks are tapered down ward to help the flow of the chared wood. Ash could easly form between the V blocks and nozzles for added protection.
The WK has heat shielding protection now in the new design. And short thick nuts for nozzles or no nozzles protuding at all just coming out the heat shields. Below the nozzles a ash cone can form.


Always keep in mind fellows the difference between the internal Velocity Is King “Imberts” and the super-heated slow burbling out air flows in the WK’s.
They each need different accommodations.

The WK’s heats hammers the upper walls needing lot of helping out up there. Your inner plates. The outside the hearth tube heat spreading out distributors features. (careful SteveU on the wording here!)
The protruding nozzle tips ‘Imberts’ solves that by putting the heat toward the center away from the walls. But then pick up between, and behind the nozzles flows bypassing.
So . . . the inner between the nozzles flow shapers. Heat stand-off concentrators.


Sorry if this seems too political but all things are cause and effect.


I remember when I was 6 or 7 years old (1971 or1972). I was playing kill the commie with the kid next door, Brian Hamrel. His mom figured out what we were doing and went ballistic. At one point Brian told her “communism isn’t going to work, it’s just stupid”. Mrs. Hamrel got real quiet for a moment, and then said, “only people work. Plans, schemes, words on paper … they don’t work. Only people work. If people are working, then almost any plan will work”.
I found out later that they were Jewish, and that she and her husband had lived and worked on a kibbutz, in Israel before they had children.
I wish there were a lot more people around that even bother to figure stuff like that out. Biden, Trudeau, Putin or whoever aren’t going to help us. We have to help ourselves. It’s up to us to do something.


Hurrah Rindert!
“If it is to be . . . it is up to me.”
Ha! Not mine. I copied this. But what I learned by 10-14 to live by.
My parents were terrible income money managers. Just like our Political’s: trading-off with wildly different systems. Neither system working past 6 months, one year to keep us out of multiple house losing bankruptcies.
My two sister and I had great do-not financially educations. With the positive comparisons of Grandparents, and a few farmer neighbors.

Work sure. Work for a purpose. Be sure it is your purpose.
Have a timed use reserve, a-l-a-w-a-y-s.
Only having ONE, is just one step away from having None.
Having TWO is better. One step away at least from just having that scary shallow One. You bought time.
Now having THREE is the security of real time to respond. Having sensible reactions then. Actual achievable Plans for the future.

Yep. Yep. Gotta get the third larger woodgas capable InverterGenrator soon. Soon. Soon. Need good solid DIY 240VAC for the deep water well.
I maybe need to stop pining away for a world-class $5,000 big wattage Honda or Yamaha and just pull the trigger on a sub-$2,000 Harbor Freight to do the dual-fuel propane/woodgas developing around.
Hey guys. Thanks for the focus you brought to me.
Steve Unruh


Two is one, one is none. I read that a long time ago and have always remembered it. I can see that logic in it and im sure its why i am never satisfied till my backup has a backup.
That being said… im not there yet, probably never will be. Thats why i also beleive i close nit group or community where everyone can bring something to the table is an invaluable asset.


That’s why I’m building a second woodgas truck now. 2 is one and one is none. I have told many people lately when asked about my truck “if the ______ in the white house doesn’t want to be energy independent, screw it I’ll do it myself!” Hard lessons learned, relying on dino juice to get to work at this point for ME is not feasible. Gotta do my own thing and not rely on someone else to do it for me. When the V10 is done, I’ll be using it like @mggibb picking up free wood with no fuel cost to go get it. Self reliance is a big goal to achieve


It is interesting that the governments of the world say trust US, we will take care of you. Just keep paying your taxes. It is better for We The People to take of others and then our selfs, not big wasteful governments.
So Self Reliance is the big goal for a healthy and wealthy group of people or country. DOW is being part of that.
In less then a year from when I meet you Marcus, you have surpassed me, this is very good to see, and many others here see it too. You are one of many of our DOW youth leading the way. We need more younger people like you, and they all will keep DOW moving forward.


I’m betting that Marcus doesn’t think of himself as being all that young Bob but you are absolutely right. Him, Cody, Jacob, Kristijan, all rare individuals in these times. I raised 5 children and they are all living on a steady blue pill diet. Seems odd when the only rebel in a family is the old man. My biggest regret in life is that I have never found someone to whom I could pass on a lot of hard earned skills and knowledge .


Tom, I don’t like to give myself a big head but you are right.

There’s three different kinds of people in my age group.

Those willing to learn,
Those that wish they could learn(but don’t)
And Those unwilling to learn.

My dad is about as old as you, born 1950, worked with heavy equipment since he was 12 operating a motor grader and ran a crew of grown men at 16. Then he did paint and body and still does that on the side, then worked for Freightliner and now he’s the Detail manager at the Chevy dealership(one of the reasons I moved to parts from detail was to eliminate any rumors of nepotism).

My sister is as hard headed as I am, but in the bad way.

I watched my maternal grandma be the biggest penny pincher in the world, never threw anything away etc. She was born right before the Great Depression so that’s all she knew growing up. When grandpa died she never had to get a job, she had budgeted her entire life out and anything leftover and then some went to her kids when she died. Her brother did a ton of self sufficient level farming, he never stopped having a victory garden just because WW2 ended.


I look at my litter Tom and sometimes wonder how many i will pass knowlage on too. They all have their own personalities and im sure like many parents I do not share in all their intrestst or find them relevant…but thats OK. They are all still young and free from a lot of the wieght the world rest apon an adults shoulders. I am happy they are still free (innocent/Naive). Besides im sure they will pick up things along the way… just try and set a good example. I know things are being taught even when not trying to be.
I look at how many things I’ve picked up over the years from dad. I have the utmost respect for him and still think he can do just about anything. He is typically the first one i will bounce ideas or ask for advice. He always told me growing up where there is a will there is a way… as a kid i would frequently tell him theres no will here,(it was normally when doing some chore or when working in sub zero temperatures) but looking back… it was life lessons i didnt know i was getting.
So ill just pray i can be there as long as i can for my kids when they need guidance, advice, or maybe even a wake up call from time to time.


Hey Tom, you are a member of DOW, believe me you are passing your knowlage on and it is being recorded right here on DOW. This is why it is so important for us to do a building thread and be involed with others that are. The knowlage is so vast now here that it would takes years now to cover and read all of it on the DOW site that is just related to gasification alone.


Did a little more on gasifier Uploading: 812CC470-E64E-482B-8281-D28000194D3F.jpeg…


Bidding on a truck at local online auction, it’s a 2009 2500 dodge 4x4 with 5.7hemi, has some rust on driver’s side rear fender not thur yet could be sanded and painted and put fender flares on has 220000 km on it, I started it and put it in gears seems ok , on at 5200 canadian and 11 hrs left what should I pay for it , it’s what I will try on wood gas

Also can you private message members on this site? Thanks


Yes you can private message people

DeanL, click open a member’s thumbnail icon anywhere.
Say Cody’s or now mine here.
In the box opened up, upper R.H. corner you will have an actionable blue box button MESSAGE for that member.
Done this way it will auto fill with the topics title and a brief of the post you began from. Good for quick referenced one-on-one questions.

Or, click on a persons avatar icon; or DOW listed name, anywhere; on the DOW. Same window box brought up. Blue box activate MESSAGE, and write in a direct to them PM.
Add in your own subjects title for them to e-mail see. First erasing any auto fill.
Ask away. If they (or you) want to keep your e-mail still confidential only answer on the DOW. Not on your e-mail notification.
On the DOW PM’s will show up as a green numbered circle 11 o’clock on your DOW any-page; top of page r.h. tool bar icon avatar.
Steve Unruh