Newbie questions

Hey all,

Thanks to Wayne Keith and Mother Earth News for making me aware of wood gas. I talk about it all the time with friends and whoever will listen!

I’m currently living in a city, but I’m an aspiring homesteader, and I think a truck running on wood gas would be ideal once I’m back in the country. I’m not very handy, so I’m wondering if anyone is selling converted trucks. We’re well north of the rust belt here, so a nice southern truck would be pretty sweet. This is still a couple (or more) years into the future for me. I’d also like to get a ball park figure of what a conversion would cost.

I’m curious if I might have a problem with registration. Has anyone had this problem and how was it dealt with?

Thanks guys.

Matt Keoughan

It cost me around $800.00 to build my gassifier and get it hooked up on my 98 Dakota. The truck was already registered so no problem with that but where I live there are no inspections on our trucks. As far as insurance, if you are asked about modifications ask what they mean, they will never ask if you have a wood gasifier in it so don’t volinteer any info… Kinda like don’t ask don’t tell. I was once told it is easier to ask for forgivness than to ask for permission.

Good Morning Matt and welcome aboard,

I don’t’ know of any completed vehicle for sale except for Sean French in Florida. (2003 ford)

The cost of conversion will depend on several factors. One being where and how you get the materials (new or used) and if you are doing your own work or hiring it out

In building the dodge dakotas I usually have about 500 dollars in materials and it takes me 250 hours to build it. I try to start with vehicles in the 3500-5000 dollar range.

Here in Alabama I have had no problem with registration.