Newer Import or Avalanche

What would be the disadvantages or dealbreakers concerning the conversion of a 2000-2014 Tundra or Avalanche?

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Above is an excellent document Chris put together on the subject.

I haven’t used one of the vehicles so I can’t advise from any personal experience but in short I would look for a high horsepower to weight ratio , plenty of room under the truck and also under the hood. Be aware of plastic intake manifold or any sensors that a fire in the intake manifold would ruin. Can the fuel pump be variable controlled , can the fuel injectors be run dry without damage , Will the computer advance the timing high enough or can it be manually advanced . Does your state have vehicle inspections that might be failed by a computer code.

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My understanding is that Tundras don’t have enough room to work on their stock stuff and mice love to build nests under the intake and chew the injector wires … Avalanche is a piece of crap. Half car and half truck … Might as well add wings too :o) … OOK

I beg to differ. I bought a 2002 Avalanche when they first came out. I sold it 10 years later after I put 300,000 miles on it. It may be the best vehicle purchase I have ever made. I am definitely sold on the 5.3L Vortec. I worked the heck out of the truck. I tugged our 773 Bobcat 100 miles at a time 2-3 times a summer and our excavator when we had sewer digs. Also multiple cross country road trips. I sold the truck to my step son.
If someone figures out how to make a 2002 or newer Chevy to run on wood gas, I will for sure get an Avalanche or Silverado.

OK Bill, You win but you would have to throw away all that extra crap in the back. I already run a silverado (great truck) … See you again soon hopefully. I was under my S-10 truck much of the afternoon. I’m too fkn busy right now with the surveying … We just had 3 weeks of rain… Anybody seeing morrels your way ?? … Mike

Here is an option to convert any LS-1 engine; to carburetion and get rid of the plastic intake. You can get a simple cam to go with it and get an easy 400 hp out of this engine. The 5.3 ltr should make one heck of a woodgas engine as this is a very high torque engine stock. This is a 325 CI engine with a smaller bore and a long stroke close to the 400 CI gen II engine. These engines are very tough and even if you did need to replace they are a dime a dozen tons of these around. If you do go to this kit and you are retaining your 4L60e trans you will need to make a mod to convert the TPS sensor over to the throttle linkage of the carb. Another cool thing about this is you have total control over timing via the MSD box.