News clip of WK alternative fuel vehicle race

How can i find the news clip of when WAYNE KEITH drove from charlston SC too berkly CA in the vehicle road race.

If you go up to the top of this page and click the library button, that will take you over to the other site. then at the top of that page click the “press” button and you will see all the different articles on wood gas vehicles.

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I’d have to ask Wayne what he thought of Tioga Pass. It is not recommended for flat-landers. It is just shy of 10,000 ft. elevation and doesn’t have many guard rails.
According the the article, Wayne carried a table saw and chain saw. I’ve set up my truck with a mitre-box chop saw and a Makita electric chain saw. There is a second battery and a Trace inverter. Of course, it is necessary to run the alternator if you plan to do a lot of cutting but, both saws can be powered continuously from the fresh cut wood. I can post details but, it is pretty straightforward.

Thanks chris saezs for the info about mr.wayne keiths long wood gas trip and event.Wayne shore has got the experiance too driving and modifing systems, and has got most all of the wood gas drivers beat on miles on good clean wood gas.And the fact that he had too work with road side wood fuel along the way stait from the woods in many cases and still made tar free fuel, for 7500 miles.THAT HAVE WOOD WILL TRAVEl book plans comes from a lot of real world wood gas driving miles.

Good morning William.

On the trip we took a 8kv generator , electric chain saw and plenty extension cords . I would power the generator form the truck gasifier to run the saws processing wood. We would stop along the trip an put on demos . There was no way I could take everyone for a ride in the truck but we could put on demos running the saws . The generator had no gas tank so most were convinced it was running from wood gas. ( everyone is no convinced the truck is running from woodgas )

Yes William . Lot of different sights across the US . We would be driving the Low Country of South Carolina and a few days later crossing Tioga Pass and on into San Francisco.

One can learn a lot about a gasifier when he makes a fast 7,400 mile trip :grinning:


Wayne my hats off to you. That is a very impressive trip making your fuel as you go is amazing. It would be impressive to see someone pull up with out of state plates on and fill up with wood.