Newspaper article

Had a interview by the local news paper, went pretty well hope ya can read the scanned article.

That is a really cool article Richard. Did you take the journalist for a drive or just explain it to her? Also, interrestingly enough, I have 2 bee hives at my house as well. Further, while I do not quilt, I did learn to crochet a few years ago to pass time in the hospital when my father was in and out for months battleing cancer. Sort of feel like you and I could be distant relatives! Nice job with the article.

Good article Richard! You must have done a good job of explaining the concept 'cause it looks like she got it right. Did you proof it before it went to print?
Don M

We did not go for a drive, In just explained the system and she took notes then she went back and wrote the article from her notes. I did not get to see the article until I got a copy of the paper, so no proof reading.

John*** My wife showed me how to crochet when we got married and I made one blanket and stopped. Just wanted to know I could do it. Never know we may be related down the line.

That’s really good Richard. It was well written. I’m STILL working on mine, hoping for a drive before the end of the year.

Hello Richard!

Great job on the interview!!

I’m sure you will be doing a lot more.

Thanks for mentioning the web site.


Richard, is it alright to add this to the Press section?

That would be fine Chris

This is a good story. Thanks for posting.