NOTICE: New Premium Library

Hey folks,

We’re simplifying the Premium content a bit. This has been in the works for a very long time, and the end result will be… Only one login required!

That’s right. No longer will you need to login separately to the forum for discussions and the “home page” for viewing construction videos, articles and other Premium content, it will all be covered by the forum login. This has been a major source of confusion over the years and I’ll be glad to see this resolved.

If you see some of these articles show up in the forum, they are part of this process. Comments on those topics will be switched off and lost, so please don’t reply in this “Premium Library” category.

I’ll post more once this is up and running.


Thanks Chris, you have been quite and busy for awhile, thanks for the new upgrade to the site.


OK, we’re live!

When you click “Library” in the menu bar above, it will take you (as usual) to the DOW Library on the homepage. Also any “Premium” links will redirect to this page now.

You will see on that page a “DOW Premium Library” link. Assuming you are logged in on the forum, and are a Premium member, you can access the articles at that link. Otherwise it will show “page not found”.

Going forward you will never need to log in to the homepage again. You can still do so, but there is no point - all the restricted content is tied to your forum login now.

Please test it out and report back if anything is not working, broken links etc. I’m anticipating a few of these. Thanks!


Chris, just wanted you to know I’ve had problems to log in to the forum ever since - “page not found”. My way around it is to reach the forum via the homepage. I have no idea if it has anything to do with the resent maintence or not. Thanks.

JO, how are you normally accessing the forum? It should always be at, set your bookmark to that and you’ll have no issues.


Sorry about that. Must have been a temporarely/local flaw. It’s back to normal again. Thank you.


Where do we discuss items relating to the WK design? I want to respect the wishes of Mr Keith to keep his designs proprietary but don’t know what the appropriate way is to suggest improvements. I see that some people have actually made design improvements, what about these?

Dan, when you go to make a topic, select the category and choose Premium.


Thanks, I just hadn’t looked closely enough over the list of categories.