OEM 2000 Ford Ranger EV for sale

I purchased this truck from a gentleman in Oregon in 2013. Because of our decision of moving off grid, the 60 mile range and rough roads will be insufficient for my needs. It has not seen a salty road here in Minnesota from me. It is a very clean truck with some minor scratches.
It has 216 LiFePo4 batteries, 3 of which needs to be replaced. I purchased 4.
It charges in 6-8 hours on 120 volts, 3-4 hours on 240 with an 8 kW charging unit. I have two J1772 chargers. One for 120 volts the other for 240 volts. It will do 70mph with no problems. I typically drove it 65 mph for 10 miles each way to work. It is powered with a 90 HP Siemens motor.
It has power windows and locks. It also has AC. It has a “4x6” A/V screen.
The tires and topper are in great condition. I paid $16,000 for it and only put a few hundred miles on it. I’m wanting $12,000 for it but am listing it for $10,000 as is. (Needs the 4 batteries changed out). I don’t want to bring it up north here. It is currently sitting in my shop in the cities. Any reasonable offer accepted. I will also deliver in the lower 48.


Just curious Bill, any idea what it weighs?


If I remember correctly it is about 4300 pounds


Do u still have the ranger for sale?

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No. It has been sold.