Office Hours - Woodgas Hangout

Ha! Ha! Trying ChrisKY on my “new” recycled tuned up birthday laptop gift machine from my wife.
Even has a camera eye.
Google hanging up to download a needed plug-in.
Give me a cell call for manual hook-up if you want me for group earchewing. 81 anytime use’em or loose’em minutes left before I refreash at midnight.
Steve Unruh

yes i realize it’s a holiday in the US…

If you wanna chat i’ll have my puter on for a bit.

Happy thanks giving everyone

Same link as above.

on now…


Night-night guys.
Got bandwidth bumped off.

I can no longer see the dialog window on the Google chat to type text into.
Bandwidth booted again. Night-night.

The top left green square button turns on the dialog box.

you should pick up recording and posting these for us again i enjoy listening to them while i work.

Continued here: