Oil Bath Filtering

Hi Wood Gassers,

I am about to try an oil bath gas cleaner with canola oil. Has anyone used veggie oils before? How did it turn out? I thought I would try something novel and ask instead of reinventing the wheel as I generally do. I know Greg M likes diesel as a filtering fluid but I want something non petroleum based so if it leaches through my chip pile I don’t have to care.


Hello Stephen ,

I have little experience with an oil bath but if you will search " oil bath " a lot of discussion should come up on it .

I think it would create a lot of foam .

We built a cyclone with oil injection through the intake with some success. The fluid did ariate but was not enough to prevent our pump from working or cause issues; I think the cyclone process helped in this. As a result we are going to replace our final media filter with this type of process. One thing to note we are not after tar with this, just a better way to get fine impurities out and ease of removal of a fluid versus digging out the media filter. We plan to repurpose engine oil from the engines oil changes. The oil can then be put into a barrel for water separation and then drained to then get recycled.

Edit: yes we did both vegy oil and engine oil. After letting the machine sit, most of the fluids separated in each case. It would be interesting to do a distillation process to see what was in it.