Old Imbert for free (in Norway)

A bit rotten and pretty far north, but free for the taking if you are in the area ( there are some from Finland on this forum after what I understand)

Regards, Magne

Hello Magne,

if it was any closer, I would come and pick it up right away - mostly for historic reasons, though…

What a pity! But from my place, it is 3000 km away. It would take a week to get there and back with a trailer. And a lot of dino fuel, which used to be very expensive in Scandinavia one or two decades ago, compared to Germany.
By now, it is not more expensive any more - and that is not because it got cheaper in Sweden, Norway and Finland…

Maybe, if I was DOW already, I could talk my wife into a combined holiday-imbert deal… nope, I forgot about the WAF!

Best regards,


OK Sam ,now you’re messing with us. What is WAF?

Oooh - oooh!

I actually picked it up on this website a couple weeks ago.
WAF means “Wife Approval Factor”. Too bad, I can’t recall who introduced it to this site… sure recognized it right away!

See, Chris, i told ya it should go on the acronyms’ and abbreviations’ list! :o)

Be good everyone!