Old school photos

Found these when googling around:

Apparently shows details of installation of gasifiers made by the “Strømmen Works” (old mechanical works north of Oslo as far as I know)

Really good detail shots.
Lots of useful info!
Thanks for posting!

Fabulous collection.
Great details.

It is helpful to see some of the rarely photographed failures to learn from.

Did I see a Mercedes diesel woodgasser? Hmmmm.

Al D

They may not have had any gasoline back then, but they seem to have had lots of black paint, and some serious fabricating skills.

Thanks, I love to see those old rigs. I was surprised that many of them appeared to be pre-1930’s. I guess that has something to do with all the black paint— Henry Ford at the time was saying, " you can have any color Ford you want as long as it"s BLACK".TomC