Old Subarus 99 or there abouts

Anybody tried converting a 4 cylinder Subaru of the older variety? I have a couple old subies that I really like for their take a licking and keep on ticking qualities. They go about anywhere you’d want to go if you don’t need to haul anything. Just curious. The one I’m thinking of is a 99 Forester. Yeah you’d have to put a carrier on it for the gasifier…or pull a trailer I guess. Thinking more hitch carrier. I’m thinking more just a scoot around the farm and back roads rig.


Hi Jason I have a 1996 Subaru legacy Outback 2.5 L.
I have built a charcoal gasifer for it and will be mounting it on the back
Go to my Thread. “The Double Flute Charcoal Gasifier”


Cool. Will check it out. You guys are a treasure trove lol